Have you ever felt stuck? Like you are making the same choices again and again, but don’t feel like you can make a different one?

Do you ever wonder if you could have inherited trauma, because your fears don’t match your lived reality?

Have you wondered about healing ancestral patterns – because when you look at previous generations you see yourself living out the same patterns as your Mother or Grandmother?

Do you want to understand and heal your ancestral patterns and inherited trauma so that you don’t pass these same energies on to your children?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you are in the right place.

Something inside of you is feeling pulled to understand your energetic structure and the role it plays in your day-to-day life. But the answer to those questions may be more involved than you think. We carry unhealed energies in our bones, organs, chakras, and bioelectric field, not only from this lifetime, but also from past lives, alternate dimensional realities, and ancestral lineages.

If you have ever been frustrated because you are doing your work, but nothing is shifting, you are not alone.  That is because we are multidimensional beings and our human experience is only a fraction of our true reality! Energy healing of ancestral patterns and inherited traumas (from ancestors or our own multidimensional existence) requires conscious participation in your own multidimensionality.

Core woundings and trauma do not always lie within this current lifetime and dimensional reality – it may come through your maternal or paternal lineage, or from unhealed past lives or realities that are still energetically connected. Your energetic structure is comprised of, and connected to, far more than just the here and now. Healing ancestral patterns, integrating and/or releasing inherited trauma, past lives, and alternate dimensional realities can facilitate an energetic shift in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


Energy Archaeology and Prenatal + Postpartum energy healing sessions are designed to facilitate deep healing, integrating, and/or releasing throughout your body and your field. Explore the two session types and follow your intuition, or contact me to see which may be a better fit.

Energy Archaeology Sessions

Energy Archaeology energy healing sessions are designed for:

warriors, wild womxn, and brave souls who are ready to do deep transformative work in all areas of your energy field. These sessions facilitate deep energy healing, guided by what I see and the intention for the energy work that we hold together.

The focus of an Energy Archaeology session is on uncovering and releasing energy blocks and inherited trauma, releasing and/or integrating past lives, and healing ancestral patterns, but often includes chakra and auric field work in order to prepare your energy field for releasing and upgrading.

Prenatal + Postpartum Sessions

Prenatal + Postpartum energy healing sessions are for:

mamas who want to transmute the energies in their own maternal lineage, and release blocked energy, past lives, and inherited trauma surrounding birth and motherhood, while healing ancestral patterns.

Prenatal + postpartum sessions focus on witnessing, healing, and releasing trauma and fear associated with your own birth, your inner child, and inherited trauma from your maternal lineage. Each session emphasizes bonding with your baby and releasing stress and tension.