If your body could speak to you
- right now in this moment -
what would it say?

Learning to speak your body's language can feel daunting.

Your brain is receiving millions of signals at a time from your body, and many fly under your conscious radar. This is exactly how it should be. Can you imagine trying to decipher every single thing that was going on inside of you?!

But the ones that you do notice - the stiff neck, the headache, the upset stomach, or the subtle tingle you get in your hands when you're in the forest - those are where you start!

As soon as you notice something, you've been given an entry point to a conversation with your body.

This is what I call, the Cycle of Communication, and the steps below are what you're going to learn and practice in this workshop.

Guess what? It is.

If you actually answered that question, whatever it was that jumped to mind first came from somewhere in your body! You may not know if it was your tight shoulders, your right knee, or your lower back - but that little voice made itself heard.

Your body speaks to you in a language that's unique. And like your own extremely specific dialect, your sensations, tingles, and twinges hold more information than anyone outside of you can understand.

It's time to stop looking outside of yourself for answers, and instead, learn your body's language.

This is a foundational practice of embodiment


That little nagging ache? The twinge you just felt. That was an invitation. It was something to respond to. It was your inner voice speaking through your body.

Noticing these subtle, or not-so-subtle cues is the first step in embodied conversation.


How do you feel when you've been shut down or ignored? This is how your body feels, too! Once you notice something you can't pop it back in the box - it's time to let it breathe and take up space!

Get curious

Once your body has shown you, or let you feel the full extent of what is there, this is when the back-and-forth begins. You can ask questions. You can be curious. Turn it around, metaphorically poke at it, prod a little. See what wisdom is in
this sensation!

Take action

If there's something to be done (even if the message is to rest!) it's time to do it. Maybe you can't immediately, but this is where you have a conversation. Let your body know when you plan to take action. Treat your body like a partnership. Like a person.

Embody a practical framework for tuning into and understanding your body and intuition.

Get clear in how your body and bones communicate with you.

Gain confidence in letting the sensation and awareness of your body expand, and knowing you can let it get as big or as contained as feels safe.

Create an open line of communication to your body and understand your deep desire for a reply.

Prepare to take action on the information you receive.


Orient + Learn

A 2-hour workshop replay with deep-dive discussions into sensation, how your body communicates, and the
Cycle of Communication as a tool for embodiment.


Practice tapping into your body to learn its language. You're guided to notice, expand, get curious, and prepare to take action. You'll do this twice: letting your body show you a sensation, and weigh in on a decision.

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Orient +

A deep-dive discussion into sensation, how your body communicates, and the Cycle of Communication as a tool for embodiment.

Practice tapping into your body to learn its language. You'll be guided to notice, expand, get curious, and prepare to take action. This is your time to be with what has been calling for your attention.

You can be as general or as specific as you want! Dig deeper into your own body's language or gain more clarity on the tool itself.



Ashley is the creatress of Energy Archaeology™ - an energy healing modality and personal discovery method that accesses the energetic wisdom in the body through the six realms of embodiment - bones, muscles, fluid body, organs, nervous system, and DNA. She is a professional observer of these Realms of Embodiment, a channel of energetic morphology, and an emphatic spokesperson for whole-self integration. Ashley will encourage you to explore the depth and breadth of your human experience through her innate gift to find patterns in what’s said, unsaid, seen, and unseen. She uses this in her work to guide you deeper into your body and its wisdom.

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