Life is relational by nature.

It's meant to be engaging and engaged with.   

Life is relational by nature.
It's meant to be engaging and engaged with. 

The nature of life is that nothing is separate. We live in a beautifully interwoven, interconnected world that constantly shifts and adjusts based on what is happening within and amongst itself, at the most extensive global scale or the most microscopic.

It is engaged. It is sensing, supporting, holding, opening, closing, moving, adjusting, shifting, intuiting, building, tearing down, and continually creating a new shape.

You are a part of this intricacy. And your desire to engage this way is felt energetically in your Muscle Realm.

The Muscle Realm is your connection to life. These are your embodied relationship patterns with people, community, and resources and the energetics underneath it all.

Relationships connect you with life.

Muscle connects you within your body.

Muscle work is relational work. 

Relationships connect you with life.
Muscle connects you within your body.

Muscle work is relational work. 

The Muscle Realm is where the bone-deep truths you live and breathe come into relationship with resources. It is where your internal foundation meets with your external world.

In Connected, you'll embody a paradigm shift in what resources are and your relationship with them.

The world we live in, at least the westernized world and global north, does not practice respectful, generative relationship with resources. Instead, they are exploitative and transactional. Our relationship with resources is underpinned by scarcity - a product of dehumanizing systems like Capitalism, Patriarchy, and White Supremacy. 

You may hear the word resource and follow it up with "extraction" or "depletion." You may have a running inner monologue that there's never enough time. Never enough money. Never enough love. These dynamics also turn inward on ourselves (become internalized) so that you may feel that you aren't enough and the many permutations of that.

I'm not good enough, happy enough, healthy enough, loving enough, patient enough, present enough, [fill in your own] enough.

You are in relationship with resources and you get to choose what the shape of that looks and feels like. Just like your muscles, your connection to resources can become stretched and distorted, misshapen here, too tight there. These relationships stay in that shape until you put them in another one.

In other words, Let's hit pause and reimagine a different shape. One where a resource is a source of supply or support; an available means by which you can do or achieve something.

You'll feel, heal, and integrate energetic relational patterns in Connected.

Let's create a world where your relationship with time, energy, money, people, community, and even Mama Earth feels supportive. Secure. Generative. Life-giving. Loving.

That's the shift you'll activate in your Muscle Realm.


"Relational dynamics and patterns" is just a shorter phrase for all of the ways you relate to and engage with, consciously and subconsciously, yourself, other people, and resources.

These are the patterns of behavior that you have lived, breathed, and learned from the larger society and culture you exist within, as well as overarching systems of oppression, and smaller scale environment, school, religion, travel, family, interpersonal relationships, and personal and collective trauma.

Connected is an opportunity to witness, unshame, and unwind deeply embedded patterns of relating and allow them to resolve and evolve into ones that feel better.

Relational dynamics that are exploitative or transactional. This includes patterns with others and with resources and internalized towards yourself.

Hyperindependence. This a failing of "western" or "modern" relational dynamics that leads to being or feeling burnt out, unstable, under-resourced, and unsupported.

Inherited trauma that perpetuates dehumanization and disrupts relationships between people, groups, and resources.

Embodied relational patterns you may have developed through unsupportive or non-existent relationships with caregivers. 


The interdependence and responsiveness of life. You are designed to move and to be moved, stretch and recoil, open and close.

Supportive, loving, generous, and abundant relationships with people, resources, and yourself.

Embodied energies and practices with your Muscle Realm that feel safe and secure and support co-regulation through regulating and connecting with your Nervous System.

A feeling of secure attachment that provides a sense of safety and security with the world around you and is your relational foundation for connection.




Connected is a paradigm shift in how you work with relational patterns and your connection to resources.

Although this is a personal program, it does not assume that relational dynamics are a you problem. These energies may be uniquely embodied in your Muscle Realm, but they arose from complex systemic and cultural beliefs and patterns.

These energies are yours to resolve in your body and your life and reclaim connections that feels better.

I have more space in my mind and body and can hold myself when things shift and change. Ashley has helped me become aware of the things taking up valuable space within…fear, grief, resistance, trauma, and memories.

When these things resolve, I have more room to give myself exactly what I need in the moment and stop avoiding my needs or looking for someone else to fulfill them. 

— natasha kealoha

“I have more space in my mind and body and can hold myself when things shift and change”

The Realm of Muscle + Connection is an energetic realm that's active and potent within the collective consciousness. It's a space that can provide incredible growth, but often that growth comes through breakdown.

Think of how your physical muscles are built - through the slight tearing of muscle fiber so it can knit back together stronger.

The Realm of Muscle + Connection is often experienced the same way.

This is where you:

Create rupture and repair - within yourself and with others.

Get it wrong, then get it right, and then get it more right.

Connect to people, communities, places, and resources, and learn to trust in safety and stability.

Stretch, integrate, and embody your capacity to be with instability.

You're made to stretch.

Growth in the Muscle Realm is not always comfortable, but it will keep stretching you towards more loving relationship with yourself, others, and resources.

I joined Connected to focus primarily on my relationship with my husband and children. I have tended to hold loved ones at arm's length, loving from afar and not allowing myself to feel the depths of my love for them and their love for me. I was really feeling at an endpoint. At this stage, I thought the only solution was for me to leave. Not because I didn't want to be with them but because I could no longer tolerate feeling broken beyond repair.

The energy in this relationship has shifted in ways that I find hard to articulate. I feel like I can receive more and allow myself the gift of connection with them. I still move away and pull back, but I can see it happening and the moments when we are connected. I can see that I physically and emotionally want to stay here in this relationship, in this family.

I love therapy and continue to go, but I feel like I moved more in this container than I would in six months of talk therapy!

— Ann

“I can receive more and allow myself the gift of connection with my family.”

The Muscle Realm is steady and intentional, just like stretching and building physical muscle. The pace of this program reflects that. When you say yes to working with the energy in this Realm, you will radically transform your:

capacity for connection, not only towards resources, but with people and in community;

safety and security in relationship and with resources;

ability to accept and steward the resources you're in relationship and community with.

Enrollment is always open, and you have lifetime access to Connected!

a 7-WEEK SELF-study energy work journey

Connected is a personal program, which means what you're holding in your body and your Muscle Realm is the focus.

You will systematically sit with and listen to the energy in each part of your Muscle Realm. It will unwind, show you what is underneath, weave connections and illuminate patterns.

You will understand what is yours, what is generational, what is inherited, and what is systemic.

You will witness and resolve embodied relational patterns.

Witness Yourself

In Connected, you will be guided to choose one resource to focus on as you move through the program.

 This does not mean it is the only resource that will shift or that you will come into a different relationship with. It will help you focus and integrate the shifts in your mind and body because you can see exactly what is changing and how.

The resource you choose becomes a mirror for you to reflect on your changing internal energy, and a conduit for shifting embodied relational patterns.

Witness the Resource

The relationship is how you are with the resource and how you feel about how you are.

During Connected, you will unshame your feelings about how you relate. For example, instead of holding the belief or energy that you are "bad with" a resource (time, money, interpersonal relationships), you unwind and listen to the deeper story beneath the judgment.

You can shift the entire relationship when you unshame your emotions, beliefs, and projections toward your relationship with a resource.

Unshame the Relationship

Witness the energy, shift your connection

There are three aspects to this program that create holistic guidance and healing in your muscle Realm.

Explore the modules

each week you'll get access to a new module for healing and integration. Within each module there are three lessons:

1. a written lesson to orient you to the anatomy and energy of this part of your muscle realm

2. An energy work session to witness the consciousness of this part of your muscle realm and allow it to unwind, resolve, and integrate.

3. integration prompts and practices.

there is also an orientation and closing module to hold
and prepare you as you move into and Out of your muscle realm.

Physically, your tendons + ligaments are bone-to-muscle and bone-to-bone connections, where your foundational energies become relational.

The first energy work session goes straight to the foundation - where your Muscle Realm meets the bone. You will witness and work with how you attach and connect to resources for support and, as you integrate, understand how you feel about it.

This part of your Muscle Realm is your foundation for attachment. It illuminates your attachment style to a specific resource and how you feel about your relationship with it. You will witness, resolve, and integrate what is stuck or wonky at this place of connection and set the foundation for the rest of the program.

healing attachment

tendons +

Stabilizing muscles are not a specific group of muscles but rather ones that serve a particular function. These muscles will engage at one joint to support the desired movement in another. On a physical level, they are the most critical muscles for support and holding your body upright - they hold you steady while other muscles move you.

In the Realm of Muscle + Connection, this group of muscles energetically performs a similar function. The stabilizing muscles create the potential for shifting.

In this energy work session, you will journey with, witness, and understand your foundation for safety and support. You will also embody a different way to hold yourself as resources and relationships shift and change.

holding steady


Four specific muscles play a huge role in your capacity to make decisions that impact relationships and connections to resources.

The tongue, rotator cuffs, diaphragm, and psoas.

They called themselves the guardian muscles when they came forward as a group, and it's quite fitting for their role and responsibility within the Muscle Realm. When your guardian muscles are awake and energetically regulated, they support your "responsible adult" and Warrior archetypes. When they are dysregulated, they can be energetically overly responsible. Then they will express as the archetype of the Martyr and the Victim.

This energy work session awakens and activates the discernment of your guardian muscles. These muscles sense the secure attachment and stability within your energetic musculature and move energy so you can show up with wisdom in relationship.

awakening discernment


Primal muscles are your ring muscles or sphincters. This is a series of internal and external muscles connected to the most primitive part of the human brain, responsible for the most essential functions of the human body. Every ring muscle will contract and relax simultaneously when they're working intuitively.

This energy work session connects you energetically to your primal response and relationship with resources: open or closed, expanded or contracted. You will witness each of these muscles as a separate energetic entity. Through this session, the primal muscles will activate as a group to help you feel a primitive sense of what is correct and right relationship.

intuiting correctness


Smooth and Cardiac muscle knows itself as the "unconscious movers" of the Muscle Realm. These visceral muscles connect to your subconscious brain and autonomic nervous system. Their movement, energy, and relational patterns of connection move under the surface, often outside your conscious awareness. These relational patterns and connections feel automatic and so deeply embedded that you don't think to question them or even notice them. 

The energy work session in your unconscious movers is a potent transformation. By this session, secure attachment, stability, discernment, and your primitive yes or no, are energetically available. As your trust in this increases, the deep fears and uncertainties surrounding releasing long-held subconscious patterns decrease.

You will witness these muscles as they unwind, clear, release, and integrate relational patterns and connections that no longer serve. They will do so smoothly and openly.

trusting connection

smooth +
cardiac muscle

The skeletal muscles in the Muscle Realm perform multiple roles. They can be stabilizing muscles or guardian muscles or simply know themselves as "conscious movers." These are the skeletal muscles that do the heavy lifting and big moving. This is the shift in your physical and energetic body from potential energy to kinetic energy, where you activate your skeletal muscle's ability to move.

This is an energetic shift from being available for connection, having capacity, or being able to discern to moving in relationship or connection.

This energy work session brings the shifts and integrations from your primal and unconscious muscles to consciousness. This is the full blossoming of the relational work and capacity shifting deeply within. As you embody this work, the unwinding of the previous modules will also make its way into your awareness and outer world.

moving with life


Fascia, like tendons and ligaments, is a unique component of the Muscle Realm. It's not muscle fiber like the modules in the middle; instead, it's connective tissue. As a physical structure, it is a complex weaving of layers of fiber in multiple directions. It holds the shape and the movement of the muscle and viscera. Fascia is also the interstitium and reservoir of fluid in the Fluid Realm.

Energetically, your fascia is your physical connection to the Field. Here, you embody your connection to all there is within you and all there is outside of you. There is no beginning or end and no linearity.

This energy work session completes your energetic journey with resource and relationship, and it does so by merging timelines in the Field through your fascia. You weave together the necessary and essential energies and themes of relationship and connection to move you forward from this journey in your Muscle Realm. You complete the shifts from the rest of the program and witness the new shape of relationship that will unfold. 

creating a new shape


Deeply explore and shift your connection to one resource or relational aspect of your life.

During Connected,
you will:

Create the foundation for secure attachment with resources.

Envision, call in, and embody a new relationship with resources and support.

Begin to make small or big moves in alignment with the new supportive, energetic relationship to resources, and practice feeling that support in your external life.

Develop trust in your relationship with resources that is unf*ckwithable.

I entered Connected during an intense season of personal change, including a literal impact on my muscles with two fractured bones! I chose to reconnect with creativity as my resource. I wanted to explore my relationship with something I hadn't much energy for - creativity. I joined this container to better understand how my creativity, productivity, and showing up in the world could work together.

I haven't really 'made time for creativity because I've always used up all my energy with earning productivity: aka working. Over this course, my whole life has shifted. I now only take on work I like, am financially supported, and have had exceptional creative output. But more importantly, I can tap into the input from higher and deeper parts of me.

I am no longer willing to sell all my energy. While I need to work, I must be creative in art, music, writing, or contemplation. I'm leaning deeper into this capacity for creativity and committing to acting on what I learn. This is the discernment I've been looking for.

— Anna Schroeder

I discovered the discernment I've been looking for.



— Jessica Peppler

My overall capacity to be in my life and respond to it has increased.

When I joined Connected, I intended to work on something concrete like money or time. When I did the masterclass (now in the Muscle Realm module), the resource that came through for me to work with was my relationship with myself!

I was in a pattern of ignoring my needs and trespassing on my own boundaries.

I can now assess my needs in a given moment or situation, which is happening much more often and automatically. I notice when I trespass on my boundaries. When I started Connected, I wasn't aware of when I did this because it was sneaky and disguised as "being a good mom/wife/etc.".

Now when I don't take time to assess my needs or don't respect my boundaries, I notice it immediately. I can course-correct and forgive myself for not doing it perfectly the first time. I can confidently say, "I said I would do xyz, but actually, that doesn't feel good for me..." without guilt or angst and move on to a new solution.

I also used to feel like there was one way to deal with a given situation or request from someone. For example, with my kids, I could either say yes (good mom) or no (bad mom). Now I find that there is space for me to see options for meeting my needs and giving my kids what they're asking for.

My overall capacity to be in my life and respond to it has increased. I'm better able to take care of myself. I'm more resourced now.



— Lauren B.

I can now approach decisions without being thrown by my fears.

When I joined Connected, I intended to work on my relationship with money. I grew up in a household that was financially well-resourced. Still, I learned and inherited a lot of troubling ideas about the role money plays in our lives and what we must do or sacrifice to earn it. Even though I grew up in financial abundance, I struggled to earn above the federal poverty line in my young adult life. I had been feeling terrorized by all these narratives. I joined Connected because I could feel this dynamic holding me back. I wanted to ask for some help and take responsibility for changing it.

I experienced the release of so much pressure around my ideas about money and how I interact with it. My capacity to believe I can create more financial wealth for myself is greatly expanded. I no longer fear that starting my own business will lead to financial failure, and it's only a matter of how surprised I'll be at my success.

My discernment with money has undoubtedly shifted. I am less afraid of having more money because I trust now that I have the wisdom to know how to spend it and when. I also feel more comfortable with the idea that money is meant to be consciously circulated rather than hoarded. I feel a difference when I spend money with businesses that align with my values or when I make congruent purchases instead of only feeling guilty for spending on myself.

Money no longer triggers life-or-death panic, so I can approach decisions without being thrown by my fears or unconscious patterns.



— Michelle L.

A new relationship with food feels closer than ever.

My intention during Connected was to establish a nurturing, supportive, healing relationship with food. At the time, my relationship with food felt stuck within a narrow and limited view of what I "should" be doing.

I'm now more accepting, patient, and curious about the possibility that what I've been feeling isn't really about food. Some deeper, underlying shit was ready to be explored and witnessed. This is something that shame, willpower, and discipline will not "fix."

My awareness of my internal dialogue, expectations of myself, and habits have improved dramatically. It feels more like a relationship. Food feels more spacious and less emotional than before - and I hold fewer black/white and good/bad judgments towards both food and myself.

A new relationship with food feels closer than ever before.

It's hard for me to articulate the profound shifts I've experienced throughout Connected. It was undoubtedly one of the most effective, supportive, and inviting containers I've experienced. If you are inexplicably drawn to this work - like I was - I'd encourage you to follow your instincts and heart with an open mind.



  • orientation to connected




You also have lifetime access to connected

your muscle REALM GAINS strength, capacity, and flexibility WITH EACH SUBSEQUENT JOURNEY!

This is a self-paced energy work program through your Muscle Realm.

It is not a course that focuses on doing. It is an opportunity to witness and embody new relational patterns through deep energy work and integration.

On this journey, you'll receive support through the following:

Ten modules, including:

Integration Support

I'm the creatress of Energy Archaeology® - an energy healing modality and personal discovery method that prioritizes whole self integration. I help you navigate your experiences through energetic embodiment.

Through Energy Archaeology and The Realms of Embodiment, you access the energetic wisdom in your body through the six realms - bones, muscles, fluid body, organs, nervous system, and DNA.

I'm a mentor and a guide for integrated embodied wisdom, energetic anatomy and morphology, and living congruently with your soul and humanity. I encourage you to explore the depth and breadth of your human experience through an uncanny gift to find patterns in what's said, unsaid, seen, and unseen. I'll gently guide you through potent inquiry to embody all that is you.

I'm Ashley - your Embodied Realms guide.

hey there!

I believe in a core organicity within the body, which means that when given a chance, the body will naturally organize toward health. With the understanding that "health" looks and feels different for each and every person. There is no one goal or destination.

The fractal arrangement of The Realms of Embodiment demonstrates this organicity. Each Realm, or node, plays an integral part in the health of the whole, but none are more important than any other. None sit at the center. It is the sum of all of the parts and, at the same time, none of them. It is organicity itself.

This arrangement shows us that none of the Realms alone holds the key. They're always speaking to one another and influencing each other in a decentralized manner. Each individual Realm is scanning the evolution of the others and then picking up the piece of work that is theirs to do. At the same time, it is supported and held by the other Realms.

The same thing occurs within each Realm.

Connected is an energy work program within the Realms of Embodiment.

Within the Realm of Muscle + Connection, each component piece - the tendons and ligaments, stabilizing, guardian, primal, unconscious, conscious muscles, and fascia - is integral, but none are most important.

The parts can energetically unwind and integrate, knowing that it is held by the Muscle Realm as a whole.

As this shift in the Muscle Realm is embodied, it will unfurl towards organicity. The other Realms will feel what it is you are unfolding towards.

Embodied desire to work in the Muscle Realm feels like:

Inauthentic desire or external pressure feels like:

A heart pull toward a deeper connection with yourself, your energy, or the resources in your life. You desire to move beyond a commodified or shamed way of using, spending, or bartering your time, energy, money, etc.

You feel hamstrung in your capacity for more authentic, deeper relationships. You desire rich, engaging, pleasure-filled connections but, at the same time, don't feel worthy or capable of creating or holding them.

Your body and soul long for community, even if (especially if) you've never had it. You want a new way of being in the world that feels supported, uplifted, resourced, receptive, and generous.

Your body feels drained by surface and superficial interventions or practices. You're ready to go an inch wide and a mile deep, and cultivate your capacity for connection.

You may be afraid that you are a bad person if you don't do this work to build relational capacity. Or you will be shamed or canceled. Is your desire to join Connected authentic, or is this a fawn response in your nervous system?

This program will fix your problems with money, time management, or interpersonal relational skills. It will not. This is part of the paradigm shift. It will help you unshame those energies and experiences so you don't relate to them as problems.

If you feel like you need to do this program for other people so you can be a better mother, father, partner, boss, daughter, etc. It will help shift your relational capacity to show up for other people, but please do not do this to please someone else or do their relational work for them.

If there is a big no in your body. Not a little stretch or discomfort, but a NO. Listen to that. This is not for you at this time.

What is Connected?

Connected is a self-paced energy work program. Through it, you witness, unwind, resolve, and evolve embodied energy, belief systems, and patterns in how you relate to yourself, people, and resources.

It is a paradigm shift in what a resource is and how you relate to them. You unshame your learned and embodied patterns in how you connect and profoundly shift your capacity to show up in relationship in your authenticity and sovereignty.

the tl;dr

too long, didn't read

You will receive...

Tangible: Lifetime access to the online Connected course portal.

This includes
  • guidance through the ten modules with eight, hour-long energy work sessions
  • orientation to the resource you will work with
  • integration practices, prompts, and
  • live monthly group integration calls with Ashley.

Connected is not...

A live group program. However, you are invited to monthly group integration calls with Ashley for integration support.

A course where you will come out with a deliverable. You aren't creating a budget or an action plan. You are building energetic capacity for relationship.

A skills-building program. You will not learn how to organize, build community, or practice relational repair. If you are in community while you journey through your Muscle Realm, you will undoubtedly get the opportunity to put these into practice with less shame and more capacity.

A manifestation course.

Intangible: Space and holding to unshame your conscious and unconscious relational dynamics with yourself, others, and resources.

An opportunity to deeply listen to each part of your Muscle Realm through energy work. It will unwind, resolve, and integrate what has been held in your embodied energy and perpetuated in your daily life.

An appreciation for your body not only as physical, but as an energetic conduit and connection to the life you live and the relationships you cultivate.

The capacity to observe new patterns and discernment as you build new relationships.

Connected pricing

Connected is a lifetime access online program with a monthly live group integration call.

All Embodied Realms Programs are $1000 in full or two payment plan options of 5x $200 monthly payments or 10x $100 monthly payments.

You are responsible for making each payment if you enroll via a payment plan. This is not a subscription you can cancel or opt out of when you choose or if the charges are inconvenient. If a payment bounces more than three times, your access to Connected will be revoked.

Do you want to talk it out?

If you've read this entire page and are having difficulty discerning if a journey into your Muscle Realm is for you, I welcome you to reach out and have a conversation. Feeling the stretch or tension of this energy work is expected because it will grow your capacity and shift how you relate to yourself, others, and resources. That's no small thing!

I'm happy to help you feel into that stretch. What you're sensing may be drawing you towards another Realm or even a rest from "working on yourself." Or it may be pointing you towards something in your Muscle Realm that is getting your attention in answer to your contemplation.

We will listen to your body and discern what it is truly offering.