Archaeology is the study and storytelling of the culture of a people using physical remains.

Bones and ancient artifacts help us to weave the story of civilizations that have come before ours, and relate our current reality to theirs. They are our ancestors, and at a deep level, we yearn to know their stories.

These stories – these lived realities stay with us. As new generations are birthed and evolve on Earth, the stories and energies of our ancestors are passed down in our bones. They are our structure, immortal. At a gut level we know them, we resonate with them, and in many ways, we continue to live out the same patterns because of them.

 Energy Archaeology intuitive energy healing is the storytelling and healing of your own energetic lineage, past lives, ancestral patterns, and inherited trauma based on how your bones reveal themselves.



When I open the energy channel between us and begin to scan your body and subtle energy layers, I see the story of your bones.

What do I mean by that?

Emotions and energetic patterns are stored in the body. Your bones will not look like anyone else’s bones, in size, shape, or even material that I am perceiving. However, different parts of the body always indicate the same thing.

For example, during an intuitive energy healing, I see the appearance of a malformed left hip. It may be oversized, undersized, upside down, any manner of things – each of which tells a different story about your energetic patterns, energy blocks, ancestral patterns, inherited trauma, and past lives. However, being the left hip, I know that the energy block is related to emotional trauma of the feminine. This can be ancestral (or inherited trauma), from past lives, or current, and that information is related to me through clairvoyance and claircognizance as we work deeper in the area. I use this information to guide your intuitive energy work.

Even though I see energetic patterns and energy blocks in the bones and anatomy, that does not mean that you have a physical condition. Just the same that a blocked heart chakra does not indicate a heart attack, a missing or malformed left arm does not mean there is something physically wrong. Please read my disclaimer if you have any questions.

During our energy work, guides, ancestors, and spirit animals will often appear. I receive the messages from these beings and relay them to you after the energy work is completed. They guide and assist me during the intuitive energy healing – always serving your higher Self.


$22/15 minutes for additional time




In truth, there is no “typical” session. Energy work is an incredibly personal process and each intuitive energy healing responds to the energy blocks, ancestral patterns, inherited trauma, and readiness of you as a client and curator of your own healing.

The session begins with an opening ritual to create a channel between us, and then I watch and listen. I let your energy do the speaking. Whatever needs to come up and be cleared will be shown to me as I scan your body, your chakras, and your subtle energy field.

  • Past lives (or alternative dimensional reality) healing and clearing
  • Witnessing, healing and collapsing timelines
  • Healing ancestral patterns, ancestral lineage wounds, and inherited trauma
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Activation of the extended chakra system, including the Earth Star Chakra, Soul Star Chakra, and 11th and 12th chakras
  • Energetic healing of leaks and/or tears in your energy field, removal of cords and “hook-ins”, removal of energy blocks

A closing ritual cleanses and separates our energy fields. After the intuitive energy work is complete we will settle in to chat for a bit.


A scheduled Energy Archaeology appointment gives us 75 minutes to work together. This accounts for 50-60 minutes of deep energy work and time to talk after.

I highly encourage you to book a free 15 minute chat via Skype if this is your first appointment or if we haven’t worked together in awhile. This will give us time to dig into what is coming up for you and set an intention for the Energy Archaeology intuitive energy healing session before we begin our work. 1-3 days before your session is ideal!


During energy work, there are occasions where time seems to slow or stand still. In these sessions there will be a lot of work done in a seemingly short amount of time…meaning we will have a lot to talk about. I will let you know as soon as we start chatting if we may need more time. If you would like to dig in and have a deeper conversation, then I will send an invoice immediately following our session for $22 per each additional 15 minutes.

If you want me to just give you a cursory overview and stay within our pre-scheduled appointment time, I am happy to do that as well. I will relay what I saw and the mechanics of the energy work, but will not have time to discuss the meaning behind it and how it weaves into your story.

If you find that you have a lot of questions and want to hop back on the phone, we can schedule a follow-up chat for a later date for the same rate. I also welcome follow-up emails, but if they are extensive and we are spending a lot of time writing back and forth, I will let you know that I need to send an invoice for that time.

I try to be up-front in my pricing to make it easy for both you and me, but energy work does not always conform to what we experience as time. If you have any questions, please send me an email!

At this time, no. If I find that there is a growing need for in-person energy work sessions, I am more than happy to create a space for that in the future.   Currently all Energy Archaeology sessions are via Skype.

Energy healing feels and processes differently for every person, but I have found through my own work and in working with clients that there are a few ways to make your session more impactful:

  • Hydrate! A well-hydrated physical body has an easier time processing energy work
  • Allow time for rest – if possible allow time to take a nap or plan for an evening with some down-time
  • Know that deep energy healing and releasing energy blocks can sometimes make you feel physically icky for a few days afterward. Some people experience this, some don’t. It varies from client to client and from session to session, but if you know it can happen, you can be prepared. Many people (myself included!) find that physical body work after an Energy Archaeology session can lessen this. Try scheduling a Chiropractic visit, Massage, Acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy, Zero Balancing, or even a float session for a day or two after if you can.

During the intuitive energy healing session, you do not need to do anything specific. I’ll often recommend that you lie down or meditate. It is likely that you will have your own experiences during our session that will line up with what I am relaying – sensations, colors, images, or even a pet coming to cuddle, can be synchronous and reinforce the energy work. Clients often report feeling hot or cold, tingling, mild dizziness, pressure, and seeing images. All of this is completely normal when we are doing deep energy work and releasing past lives, ancestral patterns, inherited trauma, and energetic blocks.

That being said, you do not have to. I have had clients use our scheduled time to organize a closet, journal, paint, or go for a walk – your physical activity does not impact what I am able to do on my end. It’s your time!

Ashley walks wisely in two worlds, the material and the subtle, and is able to marry the two beautifully to assist people.  Not only does she have a solid foundation in knowledge and critical thinking, but a true gift of being able to see and work with energy.  She is a powerful healer, who clearly assesses what is going on with her clients and helps them to move into alignment and health.

 Jessica Seacrest

I consider myself lucky and blessed to have had a distance energy healing from Ashley. Despite a great deal of distance between us and having no prior knowledge of one another, I knew exactly when she started and exactly when she finished. I also felt concentrations of healing energy in certain areas, and even felt an area that is constantly painful release tension and become light and clear. Ashley later sent me information about specific areas she worked on, which confirmed everything I had felt during the session, as well as issues I live with day to day that require attention. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ashley -- she has powerful healing energy to share.

Dawn Lyons

It's hard to put into words how transformative working with Ashley has been for me. 

Having worked with her several times, I trust her implicitly with this vulnerable and intimate work. I find that our session review always aligns with my intuitive experience, which is really important for me. I have found the process to be gentle yet powerful. After working with her I feel renewed and distinct shifts in my energy. I'm able to move through the world in new ways... sometimes surprising new ways. I highly recommend working with her!

Laura Olsen