and into your own flow

Step out of the main stream

Welcome to the initiation of your Fluid Realm

The Fluid Realm is not an experience of either/or - in flow or out of flow.

It is the omnipresence of fluidity.

The Fluid Realm is one of embodied paradox. It invites you to move away from the lens of either/or and into the expansion of both/and.

This Realm can feel confusing and chaotic, like being tumbled by a wave or like the stillness unrivaled by even the most placid lake. It can feel rhythmic or stagnant. Deep or shallow. And it can feel all of those ways at once.

It is simply many permutations of one thing held in many ways.

Your Fluid Realm is omnipresent and shapeshifting; as you honor this, it imparts its gifts to you. You become the shapeshifter. You no longer experience flow as one discrete experience, but as a state you can access at any time, no matter the circumstances. 

As you integrate all of the ways fluidity shows up, shifts, and is available, you'll find yourself moving in the precise way your body and life desire.

Each aspect of your fluid body activates a unique way you are designed to move through life.

Holistically, this is your Flow.

The world we live in, at least the westernized world and global north, is designed to work for a small percentage of the people in it. It is dictated by capitalist, patriarchal, white supremacist, and ableist norms.

For a long time, we've been taught that to exist in this world, we must fit into these norms. We have to play by those rules, and our lives will be easier when we do. We'll be happier. We'll be healthier. We'll have fewer mental health problems.

That world is actively being dismantled. Adjusting to these mainstream systems and structures often makes us less well. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and even financially.

It's clear that to "go with the flow" is, at best, to cling to a sinking ship and, at worst, harmful to our minds and bodies.

The mainstream shames your differences. It encourages you to internalize external systemic pressures. To think that you are the root of every problem you experience. To keep busy trying to "fix" yourself because you don't fit into an unwell world.

Let's reimagine our world so everyone can find and live in their own flow. 

Flow is a paradigm shift for moving through your life {and the world}

Let's create a world where "the flow" is inclusive. Where everyone can live in the way that serves them, serves others, and benefits the Earth.

The Fluid Realm dismantles and deconditions your current paradigm through paradox.

Paradox expands your worldview, not incrementally, but exponentially. It asks you to hold two seemingly opposite truths at the same time. When the Fluid Realm offers a paradox, it deconditions you from one binary truth and expands your reality.

Paradox may feel unsettling, but this shakeup will allow you to find and follow your flow.


When you embody that there is no one way to flow, you release the constraints of expectation, right and wrong, and good or bad. You walk away from the idea that there is a correct way to "do life" based on external pressure and begin to feel your internal rhythm.

Consequently, you also release the expectation you hold for others to "do life" a certain way.


Once you have embodied the paradoxes your Fluid Realm presents to you, it becomes precise. Your flow will become apparent in all of the nuance and complexity that is you and the way you need to flow your energy in the world.

Each aspect of your Fluid Realm will feel honored, nurtured, and allowed because you're not boxing in your flow. You're expressing it.



Trying to be in the peak flow experience moves you further away from it.
Honoring and embodying the fluid state you're in makes it immediately accessible.

Flow inherently means movement.

You can be in flow when "nothing is moving."




Fluidity and flow primarily move through external pressure.
You feel significantly less pressure when you flow in sync with your inner rhythm.


Flow is not a unilateral single-direction experience. It is multidimensional and omnipresent. It expresses in different states in different ways at different times.
Each discrete experience of flow and fluidity manifests your humanity.
The chaos creates singularity.


Pressure is simply a force exerted on something. In physics and in your body, pressure is mechanical. Energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, pressure is influential and behavioral.

Which begs the question: where does the pressure in your life come from?

At an interpersonal level, you may find that pressure comes from the expectations of people who you are in relationship with. Parents, children, partners, teachers, etc.

At a structural level, you may find that pressure comes from expectations and behaviors that don't support your energy or lifestyle. Trying to fit your flow into an app, program, workout, spreadsheet, or modality that "should" help but only cause more stress and external (or internalized) pressure.

Systemically, pressure likely comes from beliefs, messages, and patterns baked into society. You carry the mental burden for your entire family. You make less money because of your skin color or gender. You consciously or unconsciously show up differently in public than in your home because of your gender, culture, beliefs, or skin color.

Working with the energy in your Fluid Realm will not solve all of society's ills or release systemic pressure.

Your Fluid Realm will connect you to your inner rhythm (or internal pressure) that feels generative, life-giving, and supportive.

Using your inner rhythm as a guide, your Fluid Realm will help you flow with and navigate external pressure differently.

Your Fluid Realm is where pressure gives life and sustains your desires.

Pressure can be a generative force in your life when you understand how it's working and how you move with it.

When you intimately know your inner rhythm, you can meet the rhythm of others with stronger boundaries or greater generosity.

When you release the energy of expectation, you increase your ability to overflow in ways that feel good.

Flow is such an incredible journey! It changed how I am in the world in such a shockingly quick and easy way.

I used to think of flow as specifically "peak flow", or a binary - like you were in flow or weren't.

I'm taking away from this program that resistance and stuckness are flow, too, allowing me to shift into a new state of flow quicker!

I've also noticed so much more grace around stagnancy or confusion now that I understand they are aspects of flow and not some deficiency within me. 

I'm finding it easier to follow my desires and what I want to do at any given time. I'm not forcing myself to do things because I've created the story that I should do it now. When I follow these impulses, everything moves much more smoothly. Information that wasn't available to me when I made the decision eventually comes along and shows me how perfect the timing ended up being. And I didn't have to control it or manage it in any way!

As I come to the end of Flow, there is much more ease, clarity, and joy. I see a {for now, at this moment} clear path forward.

— maureen c.

Flow changed how I am in the world in such a shockingly quick and easy way.”

The Fluid Realm is one of rapid transformation, and the pace of this program reflects that. When you say yes to working with the energy of your fluidity, you will:

Recognize and embrace your unique flow.

Honor in body, mind, and spirit how Flow shows up in your life from moment to moment.

Embody fluidity as a practice, and release the expectation for it to look or feel like a peak experience.

Surrender to the omnipresence of flow and recognize your ability to navigate and shift structures and systems by energizing and engaging this Realm.

Shift your capacity and ability to hold different states of flowing quickly and easily.

Clear judgment, expectation, and other energies blocking your fluidity and embrace the natural movement of your flow.

All of the guidance you need to move through this program is inside.

Enrollment is always open, and you have lifetime access to Flow!

a 5-WEEK SELF-paced energy journey
IN THE REALM OF fluid + flow

Honor the fluid, shift your flow

Honoring your fluidity begins when you enroll in Flow and continues through the energy work, meditations, affirmations, and embodiment practices in the Honoring Fluidity library.

Honoring all aspects of your flow is an ongoing practice that will activate, initiate, and hold you. At the same time, you integrate all of the ways you are a fluid being.

In Flow, you honor your exploration, discovery, and felt sense of flow. Everything from pressure, liminality, gestation, and stagnancy to capacity, ease, and many more


When I discuss fluid as an object, I am talking about your inner ocean being contained and moved. As an object, fluid has no fixed shape and yields easily to pressure.

In Flow, energy work with Fluid addresses both "the container" and the contained fluid. This gives energy work in the Fluid Realm a sense of concreteness and holding.

Flow works with four specific fluids, described by their containment systems within the body: blood, lymph and interstitial fluid, transcellular fluid, and intracellular fluid.

Fluid: Object

Flow addresses your fluid body's {and the Fluid Realm's} movement within a stream, or the ability to move continuously within and amongst itself. In other words, the flow of the fluid.

 In Flow, energy work addresses how the fluid moves. You clear impediments that restrict the energetic movement of blood, lymph, transcellular, and intracellular fluid.

You work with two types of energy flow: circulatory and osmotic. How you move within something and how you flow against or across something.

Flow: Action


Physically, intracellular fluid is roughly 28-32 liters (67%) of body fluid contained within your cell walls at any given time.

You begin your work in Flow with intracellular fluid because it is the most significant percentage of your inner ocean and creates safety in the body with the feeling of being held, contained, and secure while you take up the space you require to do your work.

Through this energy work, you cultivate and create the experience of safety that your unique intracellular fluid requires. You will feel a shift in the space you desire, your work, and how you need to be held. The specific way you maintain structure and stability in your life is an essential part of this fluidity.

You will liberate shame, guilt, fear, frustration, bitterness, and anger and settle more deeply into the feelings of success, satisfaction, peace, freedom, and harmony.



Intracellular fluid moves in the body through osmosis (i.e., across a barrier or membrane). In intracellular fluid, water moves back and forth from inside the cell to interstitial fluid. This maintains a specific balance of ions, proteins, and nutrients in your inner ocean.

This energy work session focuses on how your fluidity wants to move in small ways to create the conditions for your entire system to work and thrive.

This energy work session isn't about vastly redirecting flow or making significant changes. It initiates small, powerful shifts that maintain your flow when the system could quickly become out-of-balance.

This work assists your fluidity in maintaining the environment and holding you require for your safety, work, and overall well-being through tiny shifts and micro-movements.


Physically, vascular fluid is the roughly 7% of body fluid that is in flow as blood plasma. This is the part of your inner ocean that experiences internal rhythm, internal pressure, and drive.

In this energy work session you attune to and experience the specificity of your unique internal rhythm and drive.

Like a centrifuge separates out component parts of the blood, this energy work call separates what is yours and what is not yours.

Throughout life you become incredibly attuned to your external world and the pressure created by it, specifically the energy and pressure of the people and environments you are closest to or exist within. You may lose your calibration to your internal rhythm and over-identify with external pressure.

This energy work releases, shifts, and integrates what isn't yours, so you can feel your inner rhythm and pressure more acutely.



Vascular fluid moves through the body within a vast network of arteries, capillaries, vessels, and veins. Flow, in this system, is circulatory. But it's a unique system in that there is a constant loss of fluid that is then recaptured and fluid volumes adjusted through the circulatory flow of lymph.

Vascular flow is not truly a closed system. This permeability and net loss opens an exciting way to understand internal drive and pressure - it is a reminder that internal rhythm requires support to maintain.

This energy work session carries you through your vascular system to feel and understand how your internal pressure changes within the structures of your life. It calibrates how your nutritive, energized, life-giving flow within these systems and shows compassion for where you lose your inner drive.

You will understand the multi-dimensionality of pressure, expectations, how and where you flow your energy, and release the need for it to feel the same all the time.


Transcellular fluid is the smallest percentage of body fluid. It makes up less than 1% of all extracellular fluid and is contained within epithelial-lined spaces. The composition of transcellular fluid varies significantly because of its specialized role in the human body. Examples of this fluid are cerebrospinal fluid, aqueous humor in the eye, serous fluid in the serous membranes lining body cavities, inner ear fluids, and synovial fluid in the joints. 

In this energy work session, you deeply surrender to the purposefulness of each fluid. You recognize that as uncomfortable as some fluid states may be, as much as you do not want to experience them, or as much as you love that fleeting experience, it is not the whole. It is not the standard. But removing these experiences, these seemingly small outliers, is impossible because they are necessary.

This is an energy work session of releasing and reclaiming, shifting and honoring, identifying and integrating. It is a journey through the fluidity of your human experience and being "on purpose."



Once again, you visit fluid movement across a membrane or a boundary. Transcellular fluid moves in the body through osmosis and the transport activity of cells. It shifts specific ion concentrations within epithelial-lined spaces.

This energy work session focuses on how every aspect of your fluidity supports your purposefulness.

 Each unique energetic movement in the transcellular fluid can be viewed as assisting you with where you are and where you want to go or getting in the way of it. The flow of transcellular fluid is highly susceptible to how you feel about it and what you do with it.

In transcellular flow, when things shift towards a particular state of being, it helps you understand your biases, preferences, resistance, and control.

In this call, you integrate your various human experiences and honor where you are, who you are, and how you flow.


Interstitial fluid, including lymphatic fluid, is roughly 26% of your body fluids and is consistently replenished by blood plasma leaking from capillaries and lymph flow moving into circulation. This part of our inner ocean experiences external rhythm, pressure, communication, and caretaking.

In this Fluid energy work session, you attune to and experience what moves you. This session will elucidate patterns and experiences in your external world that you feel as pressure or artificial rhythms and drive. It will attune you to external pressure and holding that feels good, nurturing, and caretaking.

 Your Fluid Realm does not exist in a vacuum; you are moving and being moved. In this energy work session, you experience how you benefit from being moved and in the correct environments and systems that support your flow.

Interstitial, particularly lymphatic fluid, is also your connection to collapsing timelines. This flow state allows things to unfold in a shorter time with more ease than you ever felt possible.

In this Fluid energy work session, you understand the lay of the land with your current and past timelines. You identify and release what is outdated, harmful, artificial, or misaligned from your interstitial fluid.



Interstitial fluid exists as a ground substance between a protein and collagen matrix. It is the source of fluid for the lymphatic system. Flow, in this system, is pressure-based, whether between organs, fascia, tissues, or lymphatic vessels. It is a unique system that maintains flow between every single cell and replenishes fluid back into circulation in the vascular system.

This Flow energy work session embeds you within the communicative matrix of your Fluid Realm - the matrix of your timelines - and feels for connections, redundancies, energy loss, and communication breakdowns.

This energy work identifies what is not working, what is getting in the way, and what is inefficient within the interstitial fluid. It shifts these collapsed timelines out of your body through the lymph system, leaving only what is supportive, nourishing, and caretaking back into the vascular flow.

This session will ask you to suspend your judgment on what is genuinely supportive, nourishing, and caretaking because it is working on such an expanded scale.

You will bring this back to the human scale with a holistic vision of external pressure, flow communication, and ease.


Honor all expressions of your fluidity, unshame blocks, stuckness, or stagnancy, and integrate an expanded sense of being in flow.

During Flow, you will:

Create safety and security in your body as you uncover what flow looks and feels like.

Discover and decondition your inner rhythm, and feel the unique way that pressure moves you through life.

Feel the purposefulness of every fluid experience, and embody a holistic and accessible sense of fluidity.

Collapse timelines that are ineffective and inefficient and that move you away from your innate sense of flow.

  • orientation to flow
  • the fluid realm
  • honoring fluidity: the meditation library
  • intracellular fluid
  • intravascular fluid
  • transcellular fluid
  • interstitial fluid
  • fluid realm archetype journey
  • completing flow
  • bonus three-part lymphatic magic hands-on workshop

  • a library of honoring fluidity meditations, integration prompts, and embodiment practices
  • a fluid exploration to orient to your physical fluid realm
  • integration prompts
  • a fluid archetype journey
  • monthly live group integration calls
  • instruction for hands-on lymphatic self-care

flow is designed with all of the Guidance, clarity, and focus you need to move through your fluid realm at your own pace. there are written lessons, energy work sessions, and integration prompts for each module, as well as the integration support listed above.

This helps you to recognize, embody, and integrate the shifts that occur. THE JOURNEY IN THE FLUID REALM MOVES QUICKLY, AND THE FIVE-WEEK PACE IS TRUE TO ITS INTEGRATION SPEED. 

You also have lifetime access to flow


This is a self-paced energy work program through your Fluid Realm.

It is not a course that focuses on doing. It is an opportunity to witness, integrate, and embody your innate rhythm and what wants to flow through you.

On this journey, you'll receive support through the following:

Ten modules, including:

Integration Support

"I am still processing and integrating everything, but I already feel more clarity around what I want to do next and what I need to release in order to do it."



overheard in Flow:


"After Flow, I notice that I feel more easeful, joyful, and focused. Like a lot of the junk has fallen away and my path ahead is clear!"



overheard in Flow:


"The most noticeable transformation in my life after Flow is giving up some numbing or coping habits that I had wanted to change for so long, but just didn't/couldn't. All of a sudden it became easy to release them!"



overheard in Flow:


"My capacity for understanding and grace towards myself around resistance, stuckness, confusion, or needing rest has increased. It's easier to just go with the flow of what my energy wants and needs now."



overheard in Flow:


"My ability to set and hold boundaries without guilt or overthinking has increased."



overheard in Flow:


"I feel lighter and more confident in my responses to both internal intuition and external circumstances."



overheard in Flow:


I'm the creatress of Energy Archaeology® - an energy healing modality and personal discovery method that prioritizes whole self integration. I help you navigate your experiences through energetic embodiment.

Through Energy Archaeology and The Realms of Embodiment, you access the energetic wisdom in your body through the six realms - bones, muscles, fluid body, organs, nervous system, and DNA.

I'm a mentor and a guide for integrated embodied wisdom, energetic anatomy and morphology, and living congruently with your soul and humanity. I encourage you to explore the depth and breadth of your human experience through an uncanny gift to find patterns in what's said, unsaid, seen, and unseen. I'll gently guide you through potent inquiry to embody all that is you.

I'm Ashley - your Embodied Realms guide.

hey there!

I believe in a core organicity within the body, which means that when given a chance, the body will naturally organize toward health. With the understanding that "health" looks and feels different for each and every person. There is no one goal or destination.

The fractal arrangement of The Realms of Embodiment demonstrates this organicity. Each Realm, or node, plays an integral part in the health of the whole, but none are more important than any other. None sit at the center. It is the sum of all of the parts and, at the same time, none of them. It is organicity itself.

This arrangement shows us that none of the Realms alone holds the key. They're always speaking to one another and influencing each other in a decentralized manner. Each individual Realm is scanning the evolution of the others and then picking up the piece of work that is theirs to do. At the same time, it is supported and held by the other Realms.

The same thing occurs within each Realm.

Flow is an energy work program within the Realms of Embodiment.

Within the Realm of Fluid and Flow, each fluid and fluid compartment - intracellular, intravascular, transcellular, and interstitial - is integral, but none are most important.

The parts can energetically shift and integrate, knowing that it is held by the Fluid Realm as a whole.

As this shift in the Fluid Realm is embodied, it will unfurl towards organicity. The other Realms will feel what it is you are unfolding towards.

Embodied desire to work in the Fluid Realm feels like:

Inauthentic desire or external pressure feels like:

A call to cohesiveness. Like all of the scattered and separate parts of you are ready to come together and move as one. Even when things feel chaotic, you know you can be guided through it, not spun out.

You feel so deeply in your body that there isn't one way to move through life. Maybe you haven't found yours yet, or you're afraid of what may happen when you do, but your soul is calling you to it.

The shame and guilt you carry for wanting to do life differently feel heavy. You're ready to put it down and release your flow to its greatest depths and breadth.

You're drawn in by people who embody their own flow and rhythm, or make decisions from their body. They may be showing up in your life in person, online, or through your network, and they're modeling what's possible for you.

You want me to show you how you flow and what you need to do daily to feel that in your body. It still feels like you want someone to give you the structure and the system instead of being ready to journey into your own and feel it out.

Finding your flow will quickly fix your life. Short-term, it will likely show you everything you're rubbing up against. It can make things feel topsy-turvy or uncomfortable as you move into what feels better or more congruent. 

If you feel like you need to do this program so you can be a better mother, father, partner, boss, daughter, etc. If you want to attune to your flow so you can better live up to other people's expectations or societal standards, this is not for you.

If there is a big no in your body. Not a little pressure or resistance, but a NO. Listen to that.

What is Flow?

Flow is a self-paced energy work program. Through it, you witness, decondition, explore, release, resolve, and integrate embodied energy, belief systems, and patterns in your unique fluidity and requirements for flow.

It is a paradigm shift for moving through your life and the world. You unshame your learned and embodied patterns of your internal rhythm and drive, purposefulness, stillness and stagnancy, and external pressure. 

the tl;dr

too long, didn't read

You will receive...

Tangible: Lifetime access to the online Flow course portal.

This includes
  • guidance through the ten modules with eight, hour-long energy work sessions
  • an Honoring Fluidity meditation library, fluid body exploration, and Fluid Archetype journey
  • integration practices, and prompts,
  • Three-part hands-on Lymphatic Magic workshop; and
  • live monthly group integration calls with Ashley.

Flow is not...

A live group program. However, for integration support, you are invited to monthly group integration calls with Ashley.

A course where you will be given a plan and specific practices to "be in flow." You are listening to your own fluidity and exploring your Fluid Archetype. This will guide you into your flow.

A one-and-done program. Your Fluid Body will continue to evolve and hone in to your flow with greater specificity and ease each time you move through Flow. It will become faster and more easeful, and integrate quicker every round.

One-size-fits-all. It is an incredibly specific journey tailored to your Fluid Realm.

Intangible: Space and holding to unshame your conscious and unconscious (internalized and external) expectations and patterns around how your energy wants to flow, flows best, and makes decisions.

An opportunity to deeply listen to each part of your Fluid Realm through energy work. It will unwind, resolve, and integrate what has been held in your embodied energy and perpetuated in your daily life.

An appreciation for your body not only as physical, but as an energetic conduit and connection to the life you live and the relationships you cultivate.

The capacity to observe your flow as it melts, rises, deepens, shifts, and shows you the truth of your unique energy movement.

Flow pricing

Flow is a lifetime access online program with a monthly live group integration call.

All Embodied Realms Programs are $1000 in full or two payment plan options of 5x $200 monthly payments or 10x $100 monthly payments.

You are responsible for making each payment if you enroll via a payment plan. This is not a subscription you can cancel or opt out of when you choose or if the charges are inconvenient. If a payment bounces more than three times, your access to Flow will be revoked.

email Ashley →

Is this journey for you?

If you've read this entire page and are still having a hard time discerning if a journey into your Fluid Realm is for you, I welcome you to reach out and have a conversation. Feeling resistance to your Fluid Realm is actually part of the process because resistance is pressure!

I'm happy to help you feel into that resistance and see where it's pointing you. It may be drawing you towards another Realm, or even a rest from "working on yourself." Or it may be pointing you towards something in your Fluid Realm that is getting your attention in answer to your contemplation.

We will work together to listen to your body and discern what it is truly offering.