Love letters from your bones

29 days of daily emails from the (r)evolutionary, body-igniting, world-changing energy in your bones.

"We're here, always. A part of you so solid and foundational that you won't ever doubt our strength or ability to hold you."

If you've always wanted a meet-cute with your bones (because who doesn't dream of these things?!) you're in the right place. We're talking swoon-worthy (r)evolutionary love letters from your bones, delivered straight to your inbox for the next 29 days.

Your bones provide the kind of love that holds you as you change and evolve (and makes sure you know you're always perfect, exactly as you are 😘). They give you the strength to love yourself, your community, and the world in a way that turns values, actions, and shared beliefs into collective care.

We're skipping the talking phase, because this love isn't fleeting, it's body-igniting and world-changing.

Love, your bones

Your love letter arrives from a different bone (or bones) each day, and takes less than a minute or two to read. They're written in the personality and energy of that bone; some may be soft and gentle, others are powerful, and some get a little bit sassy.

All of them are written with love, and are what these bones want you to know as they take you on this journey with your skeleton.

Love Letters   💌 

A fun, lighthearted approach to listening to the most foundational part of your embodied energy.

Each love letter contains a teensy tiny bit of energy work imbued in the message! As the bones say what they want to say, they also move energy in the way that's necessary for the love letter to land.

Some days it's a spark, other days a weaving together, or a shaking off of what's no longer needed. These are more than just emails, they're the journey your bones want you to take.

Energy Work ⚡️

Each email includes an inquiry prompt, a somatic practice, or suggestions for a card pull (from any deck, but I highly recommend this one for your bone journey!)

These practices are offered to help you contemplate and integrate the message you received, both in the daily email and from your body. They're yours to have fun with as you shift your energy and fall a little bit more in love with your bones.

Inquiry prompts 📓

questions & answers

What does Love, Your Bones cost?

Love letters from your bones are FREE. You don't even have to go out and buy a new journal for the prompts. Your bones don't care if you write your musings down on the back of an old receipt. This is a fun way to connect to your bone wisdom, go on a journey with your inner foundations, and be romanced a little by your own body. 

I'm brand new to the idea of bone energy and your work, is that ok?

No problem! Love, Your Bones is designed to be an introduction to your bone body as much as it is a way to dedicate a month to listening to or re-familiarizing yourself with it. The orientation email you receive before your first love letter includes some helpful graphics that show bone locations. I've also included a list of the cards from the Energy Archaeology Oracle and their keyword, so if you don't have the deck, you can reference the card image on my website. You can use these as a guide throughout the 29 days, and by the time the last love letter reaches you, you'll have a whole new relationship with your skeleton.

Do I have to have the Energy Archaeology Oracle to participate?

Nope! Having a copy of the Energy Archaeology Oracle will deepen your relationship with your bone wisdom as you work with them together, but you don't have to have a copy to enjoy these love letters and the energy shift that they deliver.

I already receive so many emails, but these sound amazing. What do you suggest?

Firstly, make sure that someone quickly and gently checking in with you daily feels good. These love letters are a touch point. Small bits of love, wisdom, or guidance in a way you can receive, act on, or integrate right away. There's the potential here for the next 29 days to set you on a totally different path.

Second, If you feel overwhelmed with email but want to join, I offer you an invitation. Each day for the 29 days that we're together, unsubscribe from one mailing list that doesn't nourish you, support you, or bring you joy. One that you never open, or a mailing list from a store that sends seven emails a day (I'm lookin' at you, Banana Republic family of brands).

Not only will you have an incredible journey with your bones, but you'll also have a much lighter inbox at the end of February 💌

Lastly, these emails are pinky-sized. I'm not normally known for my brevity, but these really only take a minute or two to read ;)

"We’re always working together to support you in this, and if you’re ever in doubt, give us a little tap. Feel the solidity of us under your fingers; trace them over our contours. Know that you’re not carrying the heaviness alone and don’t have to carry it forever. It’s meant to move, and it moves through us."

Love, your sternum and collarbones

"Thank you for co-creating and integrating so beautifully with the world around you. We can’t wait to float along at your sides now, weaving magic and receiving everything that's available for you."

"You’ve initiated a spark. If we could offer you guidance today, it would be to soften into it. Don’t be surprised by it or guard against it; breathe into it. Give it life and oxygen. Expand your ribs with your lungs and push us out to our widest expanse."

"We’re sending you a chef’s kiss from the universe today.

It's like all of your fingertips are coming together, and they’re getting a big ole mwah of frequencies that match what has been shifting in your core and arms."

"Right now, there are hundreds, thousands of bubbles, effervescing from us, letting long-held dreams out to play. Some are dreams that we can now act on. Others are dreams that were with us for a time but weren’t really for us. And still others were never meant to be dreamt by you alone, but rather in community. We’re letting them loose so they can expand."

"...put on some music to set the vibe. Move me, let me feel the frequencies travel along my bones, in the nervous system, and attune me to what’s coming so I can connect your upper and lower body. Get flowing, get juicy, get sensual; let me experience the energy of what’s coming so I can release what isn’t needed any longer."

Love, your spine

Love, your occipital bone

Love, your fingers

Love, your floating ribs

Love, your arms

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