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a guided energy work program for the most enduring parts of you - your bones

A guided energy work program for the most enduring parts of you - your bones

You know that feeling when you just know something - but you don’t know how or why - and the how or why don’t even seem that important?

The feeling of that knowing is what's important.
The resonance. The frequency.

the aliveness.

It's carved into your bones, and the crystalline structure is arranged to hold it. IT PULSES THROUGH YOUR MARROW on a wave of light. 

this knowing is an undeniable enduring part of you.


This is your foundation.

there are times when the aliveness doesn't feel so alive. the resonance isn't as strong. the knowing is more full of questions than bone-deep understanding.

these cracks open a gateway to bring you deeper into yourself.



WHAT IF ALL OF THE SHIT you're juggling and holding onto IS BEING TURNED INTO COMPOST?



You are always unearthing a truer way of being. A more resonant life.

Your bone-deep knowing
gets, well, deeper.

Your foundations are enduring, not stagnant.

Working with your bones is death work as well as life work.
It goes deeper than identity, and beneath the level of values and beliefs.

However, the energy in your bones influences your identity, beliefs, and values, and in turn, they often reflect where foundations are shifting.

When you start to feel suffocated in an identity, or you feel beliefs fall away, and your values deepen or realign - it’s a sure bet your foundations are shifting, and it’s time to allow death so you can make way for more life.

Your bones are where you land when you've stripped everything else away.

You can spend a lifetime pouring over the cracks in your foundations. Trying to understand why they’re there, patching them one by one, and focusing all of your energy on "fixing" them and getting it perfect and stable before you ever allow yourself to move on or enjoy the rest of life.

Yes, there are uncomfortable truths and memories in your bones. Trauma or wounds that have been passed down generationally - picked up from culture, society, and family. Some cracks have been forming over lifetimes, and others are internalized in this one.

But there are also gifts and blessings alive in your bones. Easter eggs pointing you along a path. Showing you what we are here to do, and encouraging you to keep going.

You want the foundation of your inner and outer world to rest on the blessings, the gifts, the aliveness, the fuck yesses. And to be guided and strengthened by the wisdom and lessons and hard won battles in the wound and the conditioning.

**Trauma creates a unique condition within the Realms of Embodiment where the Nervous System Realm and Bone Realm get stuck in a feedback loop with one another. There is support in this program to complete that loop and free up the energy.**

You do bone work to get free

Not to get stuck.

The main theme for me in this program was the inherited beliefs and stories in my maternal line. I'm only realizing now that all of my decisions used to be filtered through 'what would my family of origin think of xyz' It completely unconsciously consumed me and drained so much of my energy. I can actually feel all of that releasing and making it's way out of my bones.

What's arising in its place is pausing, rest, pleasure and a feeling of self worth. A belief that being me and not changing myself all the time for different people and situations is actually possible. My self-trust has switched all the way up, and I feel the truth that me, as I am, is enough.

I can't believe I ever could have said that before Foundation.

— Kate

“I feel the truth that me, as I am, is enough”

A SELF-PACED energy work journey in the realm of bone + foundation

welcome to

this program is a catalyst for complete foundational realignment.

it's a dedicated space to retune your body and access a new depth of bone-deep knowing.

it's a portal To uncover the gifts and wisdom in your bones. To alchemize the trauma and wounding. To integrate an aligned foundation so you feel supported to bring even more of you to your everyday life. 

it's an opportunity to build your inner and outer world without the outdated foundations getting in the way.

How It Works

The first five lessons of self-study in your Bone Realm focuses on the core of your skeleton - where the deepest wounds and patterns are held, and the gifts and energetic wisdom are buried. These pre-recorded sessions are shorter and made available to you every two days to quickly unearth and clear what has been held at your core, and amplify your unique energetic signature.

Phase I
Unearthing and Clearing

Phase II
Rebuilding and Integrating

The second self-study phase combines longer pre-recorded sessions with more time in between. You'll move from periphery to core during these sessions, using the pathways as a guide: informing, visioning, receiving, giving, supporting and activating. You will retune the energy of these pathways with your core frequency and integrate the themes of each.

If you have a spine, you have a line. This is one of the only places in your Embodied Realms that cares about alignment, and in this session, that’s what you'll focus on. You will move through the spine, vertebra by vertebra, releasing what has been held in place, and out of alignment (or from feeling your alignment). The session will then dive into the coccyx - the frequency of your sovereign energetic signature - and amplify and anchor it as a beacon for a deeper alignment to yourSelf.

Unearthing and

Spine: alignment

Your pelvis is your ancestral seat and the connection of your ancestral plane. The energies entering, flowing, transmuting, and storing in these bones are generational. This is where you’ll lay to rest energetic lineage patterns of wounding and trauma, and call in the fullness of your generational gifts and blessings. This is an incredibly reverent session, honoring where you've come from and where you're going.

Pelvis: lineage

The thorax is a multi-faceted part of your core and your foundation. This is your inner child, your protection, your core wounds. And it’s also your ability to transmute what has been held in all of those places, and a catalyst for a new way of being in the core of you. This session will release what has been held close to your chest and as a burden on your shoulders. It will also connect you to the delight and openness available in these bones. 

Thorax: protection

The bones in the skull are bones of possibility and bones of past. These bones hold the energy of who we think we are, who we want to be, what we are inspired by and what we dream of. They can be the most mundane or the most magical. The most limiting or the most limitless. This session guides energy to clear the dull, stagnant, wounded and traumatic energies, and holds space for your unique vision and perspective to shine.

Skull: possibility

In this short energy work session you will quickly clear and release what may be remaining or still releasing from the core of your foundation and ready to be laid to rest. This session encourages the gifts and wisdom, the crystalline and light aspects of your bones, to come to the surface. It will support the marrow, charge the apatite, and weave your particular magic through your foundations.

Weaving magic in your core

What informs you energetically, is a large part of what directs your vision and what you believe you deserve, can do, access, achieve, or be. During this session you will clear your informing pathway - the left orbital socket - and connect to and activate frequencies in alignment with your highest self, timeline, and path.

Rebuilding and Integrating


The energy in your supporting pathway - your left leg - has a direct correlation to and impact on your stability, capacity, and flexibility (in other words, the alignment in your spine!) You will connect to and integrate the most supportive energies that are in resonance with your highest self, timeline, and path, and support your alignment as it expands to receive and flow this energy.


Receiving - the third and final pathway on the left side of your body - is impacted by your informing and supporting pathways. You will access the energy in the left arm and work with it in this order to take advantage of the shifts and embodiment in the other two. You’ll lay to rest your foundational patterns around receiving and integrate what your highest self, timeline, and path have to offer you. 


Humans are incredible creators, and yet our vision of what we can create (hint: everything in your life is being created by you) is often so limited. This session in the right orbital socket clears the energy of those limitations, whether they’re cultural, systemic, or internalized, so you can see your fullness through the channel of your highest self, timeline, and path.

The energy you activate is incredibly powerful and potent when it’s in alignment with your unique sovereign energy signature. It flows from you as an almost unstoppable force, echoing out from all of your interactions, in the way it naturally serves best (hint: you get to trust yourself and your desires even more!). This session is actually a timeline jump, and it clears your activating pathway so you can step powerfully into a timeline overflowing from the essence of you.


What you give to this world comes from your gifts, blessings, talents, and even wounds - the foundational things that are uniquely you. But how you give is what this session is all about. You’ll integrate the unique sovereign energetic signature that only you can flow, and clear the pathway so it can move into this world from your highest self and timeline.




lay to rest what is crumbling, stagnant, or stuck - what has been held in your bones for far too long. 

Through Foundation you will:

unearth the gifts and wisdom underneath and catalyze a new depth of being in your inner and outer world.

energize and revitalize what informs you, how you're supported and receive, the vision you hold for yourself and the world, how you give and activate that energy.

surrender to the foundational shifts of your highest self and timeline, and learn how to play with and embody the energies as they integrate.

learn to clear and recharge your bones so your foundations endure, even as they continue to shift.

“I know this is probably obvious, but I'm finding this work SO deep, like dredging the bottom of a very deep sea...”

“I gotta say, I feel SO good in my body today. I have a zip of aliveness that I haven't felt for some time!”

“Had another amazing session! I was in and out of consciousness, but had this zen-like sensation in every single bone. I can't wait for the next phase!”

“Honestly, if the programme finished at this point (after phase I) it would have been worth the money!”

“This experience shifted so much for me and I can see how the next part of my path has emerged as a result.”

“Very blown away by the level of healing and foundational shifts already - and I've only done up to the Supporting Pathway!”

“Today's session was amazing! I was fully embodied in my energy the whole time - my consciousness finally knew how to allow my body to access it, too! I feel all of the stuff I didn't know was possible to feel...surrendered, powerful, humble, faithful of the process, and in right relationship with myself. Damn!”


overheard in foundation:

actual comments in the slack group from participants during the live round of foundation. 

you're done feeling like you have to prop yourself up - that there is something you need to dim, or overcompensate for, or give beyond your boundaries.

you feel like you're always working on the same thing, and the next iteration of it pops up like whack-a-mole.

you are itching for depth, change, and a complete foundational re-alignment. And you're ready to grab it when it shows up, even if that scares you a little bit. 

you want to love your life before your foundations are "perfect" or "fully healed." 

deep evolution of your Self has been calling, and this invitation is lighting you up from the inside out.

this is for you if

11 pre-recorded ENERGY WORK SESSIONS

phase i
spine - pelvis - thorax - skull - weaving magic in your core

phase ii
informing - supporting - receiving - visioning - activating - giving

a bonus session for your bones + nervous system in the orientation module.

support for self-regulation:

  • a RECORDED energy session to disentangle your nervous system from your bone realm
  • bone-deep self care PDF
  • two meditations to help shift frequency bands in your bone pathways

co-regulation support:
monthly live group integration calls to help support you.

integration prompts and practices for each module to guide your journey and reflect your foundational shifts

these prompts help satisfy the need to "do" that can come up while things are shifting. they're the only "homework" you'll have, and are incredibly transformative on their own!

access to foundation for
the lifetime of the program!

WHEN YOU ENROLL IN FOUNDATION you will have access to the program for as long as it exists.

you have plenty of time to move through your bone realm and come back as you need to, in your own time and at your own pace. trust your body to know when the bone realm is calling.

This is self-study energy work program through the bones. It is not a course that focuses on doing. It is a gorgeous opportunity to surrender to the journey and meet what comes up, when it comes up.

On this journey you'll receive support through:


If you have any desire to work with your identity, your inherited stories and how you want to show up in the world then this programme will support you on so many levels.

It's so deep and yet insanely straightforward. Ashleys voice and steadfastness will hold you as you move through some big transformational work.

I loved every minute of it

— Kate

“This program will support you on so many levels”

I can't even begin to tell you what has happened in my life over the course of Foundation! I made the decision to stop focusing on what I needed to change or be different in my life and just surrendered to the process you took us through.

I did nothing but show up for these group sessions, and my life is totally different. It's amazing to look around and know my energy created this reality!

— S.C.

“My life is totally different!”

These group sessions changed my life!

I can still feel the impact rippling out. I feel a tremendously powerful force working through my life, and I attribute a huge portion of the work I've done to get here to Foundation.

— Haley k.

“These group sessions changed my life”

I'm Ashley - your bone wisdom and energy guide.

I'm the creatress of Energy Archaeology® - an energy healing modality and personal discovery method that prioritizes whole self integration.

Through Energy Archaeology and The Realms of Embodiment™, you access the energetic wisdom in your body through the six realms - bones, muscles, fluid body, organs, nervous system, and DNA.

I'm a teacher, a mentor, and a guide for embodied wisdom, energetic anatomy, and living a soul-aligned life. I'll encourage you to explore the depth and breadth of your human experience through an uncanny gift to find patterns in what’s said, unsaid, seen, and unseen.

hey there!

you're not here because something is wrong with you.

you're here because something is very, very right.

Say good-bye to shaky foundations that make you feel otherwise.

How do I know if this is for me?

When you work with the questions at the top of this page (click here!) you will get a good idea of if this program is for you.

Those prompts will help you see how you're already relating to your foundations. If they don't apply or you can't get very far into them - this probably isn't a program for you.

If they're juicy and really bringing in the ah-ha's and epiphanies, or resonating with what you're already asking yourself - then you're in the right place.

More confirmation that this is for you:

You recognize me as someone who can guide you through this journey.

It excites you (even if there's low-key fear or stress) If it lights you up, feels like a relief, or full of ease  to surrender to a program way I've shown here, then your body and soul are on board!

You're willing to commit to the journey. If you have the capacity to listen to the healing sessions, and be gentle with yourself for the integration in between, you've got everything you need.

The investment is manageable or slightly stretchy. If $110 for 10 months, $275 for four months is reasonably within your budget, even if it's a slight stretch, then wonderful! If you want to pay the $1,100 outright, lovely. If either of those numbers stress your nervous system in a way that makes you want to shut down, or you worry about food, rent, utilities, etc. please do not do that to yourself.

Specific question?
The answer may be here.

This question is hard to answer. Because your connection to and experience of time is often a relationship that springs from foundational energies in your bones. Your experience of it is different than anyone else. In fact, if this question is top of your mind and a bit stressful for you, but you want to enroll, I encourage you to notice what foundational patterns and memories come up around time as you're moving through the program!

The literal answer is: each module can take approximately 10-15 minutes to read the information, an hour for the healing call, and then maybe another hour to three for the integration prompts.

And remember! This is your self-paced journey. You can always skip a week, do as many or as few of the integration prompts as you want, or spread it out as needed. Make it work for you!

How much time will this require every week?

If you have a specific question about enrolling, the course content, or accessibility, please  email

That is never, EVER, the intention. I do not prioritize massive energetic transformation over your ability to show up in life and take care of yourself. That's not to say you won't bump up against edges that are uncomfortable or expansive. You will.

You also get to choose what you are ready for, and be with yourself as your "readiness" evolves. The mentality that you're not ready for something is a judgment against your capability to meet new depths within yourself and navigate them externally.

My intention for this program and for the container is for deep, transformative, gentle healing that will revolutionize the foundational energy you create your inner and outer world around. You will find growth edges over and over again and get to practice alignment as they shift.

Will this throw me into a healing crisis, dark night of the soul, or something I'm not ready for?

In good conscience, I cannot tell you yes. Legally, I cannot tell you yes.

Physical symptoms are an intricate and unique blend of energetics, trauma, your nervous system response, pain receptors, physical and chemical impingements and imbalances, and lifestyle choices or circumstances.

Participants in past programs have experienced shifts in their body. Some in their ability to move their joints with more ease, some in chronic pain, and others in seemingly unrelated things like psoriasis.

Will this heal things in my physical body?

You'll have access to Foundation on an online learning platform for the lifetime of the program! If you move through Foundation once and would like to go back and deepen your experience within that time, or revisit calls as an added layer of support during a different Embodied Realm Program, you can!

I trust you to move at your own pace, and your access to this work reflects that. You can integrate as you need to, work with your resistance, and even skip around holidays or busy weeks when shit hits the fan or the astro is super wonky.

You'll receive emails as modules open, and once you have access to all of them, it will remain that way.

how long will I have access to foundation?

Have a question not answered here?