Your bones are the most enduring part of you.

They're the keeper and conduit of your
deepest wisdom & unextinguishable wildness. 

Your bones are the most enduring part of you. They're the keeper and conduit of your
deepest wisdom and unextinguishable wildness.

The Realm of Bone + Foundation is your connection to the Earth and the cosmos, to what came before you, and what will come after.

The collagen and crystalline structure of your bones is the conduit for your life force energy. Within your marrow flows wisdom and wildness. What you connect to in this Realm is more significant than you or any one person, but it is what you need for this incarnation. It is unique and discrete to you and the lineage and journey that has brought you here.

Contacting your bone wisdom defies logic because it is innate knowing. 

You do not need to know where this enduring, undeniable wisdom comes from. You do not need to understand or cage the wildness that wants to roam free.

Your bones provide stability for something that feels intangible and indescribable.

Bit by bit, bone by bone, you re-wild your life, and your wisdom becomes the loudest thing you hear.

Bit by bit, bone by bone, you re-wild your life, and your wisdom becomes the loudest thing you hear.

Foundation fundamentally changes how most of us have been taught to live and what/who to listen to. Your bones embody Earth wisdom, the whisper of the cosmos, your ancestral gifts and blessings. The guidance you have been searching for is within you. Listening deeply to your bones will also call in partners, kin, and guides that reflect your wisdom in a way that is easy to recognize beyond yourself.

There is a richness to living in alignment with the planet, your lineage, and your connection to something more enduring than a single human lifetime. The depth and breadth of days and seasons spread out and create space for more living.

Systems like Capitalism, Patriarchy, and White Supremacy have warped how we engage with life and suppressed our wisdom and wildness. These systems have replaced our deep foundational connection to our bones and installed themselves as the foundation. There is a rupture in our felt sense of the Earth's wisdom, the power of lineage, and individualism as a divine right has risen instead.

Our foundations feel brittle. Porous. Fractured and broken.

Instead of understanding this rupture as part of a more significant foundational problem, our sense of individualism, spurred on by capitalism and patriarchy, convinces us that it's an "us" problem.

It's not a "you" problem. What you're feeling in your bones, that calling to depth and connection and something more enduring than yourself, is already pushing those false foundations aside.

Deep listening in this Realm and journeying with your bones will align you to the foundational truths your body holds as an individual while at the same time shattering the illusion of individuality.

Foundation guides you to unearth your wisdom and revel in the richness of your bones.

Let's dream of reciprocity, where the energetic foundations you build your life on support your most profound bone wisdom. That wisdom, in turn, helps the rising of a stronger collective foundation.

your bone-deep nature

Turning to bone work indicates that you're ready for more depth, richness, and a more tactile, resonant, present life.

Maybe you've felt small, caged in, restrained, taught to act or live a certain way that has become confining and grating. You feel the friction of what feels true in your bones and the limits the world has placed on your wildness.

It's the difference between being palatable and grounded in your bone-deep expression.

Bone work gives death to what has consciously and unconsciously stifled your wisdom and wildness. It reconnects you to the guidance and reciprocity of the Earth, the cosmos, and your lineage. Working with the energy in your bones goes deeper than identity and beneath the level of values and beliefs.

Bone work shifts your foundations back to your true nature.



Are where you feel and embody societal, cultural, and familial rules, beliefs, and unconscious programming.

Listening to your bones guides you to clear what is not in alignment or serving you and orient to your truth.


Feel the stress of modern life, where you are all things to all people and connected to them in all ways at all times.

Remember the old knowing that time and space, depth and breadth, care and nourishing restores us so we can continue.


They have been stripped down and sanitized until they are palatable. You are hungry for more, only to find it sold to you through consumerism and what society says should make you whole and happy.

Guide you to what will bring you true joy and fulfillment. They remember how to play and rest, be spirited and free, and be devoted and brave. You are already connected to what makes you happy and whole.


Know how to give death to what is dying.

They are the essence of creation and rebirth.


My central theme in this program was the inherited beliefs and stories of my maternal line. After Foundation, I realized that my decisions used to be filtered through 'what would my family of origin think about xyz?' It unconsciously consumed me and drained so much of my energy. I feel all that releasing and making its way out of my bones.

What's arising in its place is pausing, rest, pleasure, and a feeling of self-worth. A belief that being me and not changing myself all the time for different people and situations is actually possible. My self-trust has switched all the way up, and I feel the truth that me, as I am, is enough.

I never could have said that before Foundation.


"I feel the truth that me, as I am, is enough."

There are uncomfortable truths and memories in your bones. Trauma or wounds are passed down generationally or conveyed through culture, society, and family.

I honor this part of your foundation because it has brought you here. It's a crucial part of who you are, but it's not all you are.

This is where we look to the gifts and blessings alive in your bones. These energies show you what you are here to do and encourage you to keep going. They're cooperative and growth-giving, connecting you to your wisdom and wildness.

You can build the foundation of your inner and outer world to rest on the blessings, the gifts, and the fuck yeses. Your foundation is also guided and strengthened by wisdom, lessons, and hard-won battles in the wound and conditioning.

Trauma creates a unique condition within the Realms of Embodiment where the Nervous System Realm and Bone Realm get caught in a feedback loop with one another. There is support in this program to complete that loop and free up the energy.

Your foundations 
support your growth.

Growth in the Bone Realm strengthens the foundations on which your life is built. It grounds and connects you to your sovereign self, allowing your wisdom to root and grow.

What you create depends entirely on the foundation supporting it. What are your bones calling forward?

Your foundations shift through unearthing and clearing, listening and learning of your wildness, integrating and strengthening. It asks you to spend time with what is there so you can feel the truth of your bones.

In Foundation, you have a dedicated space to listen to your bones and uncover the wildness and wisdom deep within.

Bone-by-bone, pathway-by-pathway, you will uncover the magic of your bones.

You will alchemize the trauma and wounding, integrate an aligned foundation, and feel supported to bring even more of yourself to your everyday life.

Release weak, porous, crumbling, and outdated foundations and rebuild your inner and outer world on the strength of your bone-deep knowing.

Enrollment is always open, and you have lifetime access to Foundation!

a 9-WEEK SELF-study energy work journey
IN THE REALM OF bone + foundation


Your bones connect to, hold, and circulate energies from your inner child, deepest wounds, and generational and collective trauma. The point of Foundation is not to dig and poke at these painful places but rather to gently hold them and allow what is there to unwind and resolve.

This can be activating for your nervous system.

There is an energy work meditation to create autonomy in your bones and nervous system. This helps to reset the relationship between osteocalcin (a signaling hormone for your fight or flight response) in the bones and your sympathetic nervous system response.

Support your nervous system

The first five self-study lessons in your Bone Realm focus on the core of your skeleton. This is where the deepest wounds and patterns are held, and the gifts and energetic wisdom has been protected.

These pre-recorded sessions are shorter and move at a rapid pace. You will witness what is there and hold it. At the same time, it resolves without becoming entangled or stuck in what may be difficult or bypassing it to find the wisdom.

The pace of this first part asks you to quickly unearth and clear what has been held at your core and amplify your unique energetic signature.

Unearth and Clear

The second self-study phase combines longer pre-recorded sessions with more time in between. These sessions switch focus - from what you hold and carry at your core to how you move and interface with the world around you.

In this phase, you integrate from external to internal, periphery to core, using the pathways as a guide: informing, visioning, receiving, giving, supporting, and activating.

You will instinctually shift towards ease with these pathways, using your core frequency to integrate the themes of each.

Integrate and Re-Wild

Excavate your wisdom, re-wild your bones

There are three aspects to this program that create holistic guidance and healing in your bone Realm.

Explore the lessons



1. a written lesson to orient you to the anatomy and energy of this part of your bone realm

2. An energy work session to witness the consciousness of this bone or bone pathway and allow it to clear, resolve, and integrate.

3. integration prompts and practices.

there is also an orientation and closing module to hold
and prepare you as you move into and Out of your bone realm.

Physically and energetically, everything in your skeleton moves towards or away from your spine. This is the central organizing line of your Bone Realm and one of the only places in your Embodied Realms that care about alignment.

In this session, You will become intimate with your coccyx - the frequency of your sovereign energetic signature - and amplify and anchor it as a beacon for a deeper alignment with yourself.

You will release what is unaligned and create space for movement along this central axis. You will witness your spine, vertebra by vertebra, and release what has been held out of alignment.



Functionally the pelvis transfers weight from your legs to your core, provides attachment for muscles and ligaments, and protects vital internal organs. Energetically, the pelvis connects you to your ancestral lineage and is the seat of infinite creation and re-creation - through your life and those who came before you.

The energies entering, flowing, transmuting, and storing in these bones are generational. This is where you'll lay to rest energetic lineage patterns of wounding and trauma and call in the fullness of your generational gifts and blessings.

This is an incredibly reverent session, honoring where you've come from and where you're going. You will feel connected to what has created you and what is being created through you.



The thorax is a multi-faceted part of your core and your foundations. Physically, the thorax creates a cage around your vital organs and connects your upper limbs to the trunk of your body.

Energetically it is doing so much more than that. This is your inner child, your protection, your core wounds. You can transmute what has been protected and activate a new way of being in the core of you. 

This session releases what has been held close to your chest and as a burden on your shoulders. It connects you to the delight and openness available in these bones. 



Physically, the skull houses and protects the brain and supports the facial structure and function of the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. It supports twelve pairs of cranial nerves that innervate the intricate parts of the skull and is a "scaffold" for a lot of sensory information and data.

Energetically, the bones in the skull all have their own function. They work together in two unique pathways: the cranial energetic and orbital pathways. The bones in the skull are bones of possibility and bones of past. These bones hold the energy of who we think we are, who we want to be, what we are inspired by, and what we dream of. They can be the most mundane or the most magical. The most limiting or the most limitless.

In this session, you will clear the dull, stagnant, wounded, and traumatic energies and hold space for your unique vision and perspective to shine.



In this first phase, you will move through the core of your skeleton and unwind some of the densest energies, memories, and emotions in your bones. These are often stored in the pubic bones, the sternum, the shoulder blades, the maxilla, and the temporal bones. The energies ready to be seen, loved, completed, and released will be, and the spaciousness they leave will integrate more and more with each session.

In this final session of phase 1, you will weave magic in the bones - seeking out the space that has been cleared and bringing your sovereign energy to those places. This energy work session ensures your entire core is lit up by the very essence of you.

You are the magic you weave.

Weaving Magic

in your bones

Seven bones come together at the front of the skull and form the orbital sockets. The funnel that these bones create not only holds the eyeball but continuously brings in extra-sensory information about how you are informed by the world.

The highest potential for the bones of the left orbit is to continue to refine toward the limitlessness of your creative power. As you refine the vision of your left orbital socket to be informed by this reality, everything shifts. Suddenly, you're met with possibility and endless potential.

What informs you energetically is a large part of what directs your vision and what you believe you deserve, can do, access, achieve, or be. You will shift your informing pathway in this session. You will clearly feel what has informed your past and what information is aligned with your present.


left orbital socket

Physically, the bones of your left leg bones create a (largely) linear pathway, which connects to your body's core at the pelvis. Energy flows from toes to mid-foot, mid-foot to hind, through the ankle, the lower leg, the knee, and the femur. As you move through your daily life, the frequencies in this pathway support you. They create a foundation of safety and holding that resonates beyond this pathway into the spine, transmitting the energies needed to align with stability, capacity, and flexibility.

The energy in your supporting pathway - your left leg - directly correlates to and impacts your stability, capacity, and flexibility (in other words, the alignment in your spine!)

In this session, you will connect to and integrate the most supportive energies for your unique wisdom and foundation. You will support your alignment as it expands to receive and flow this energy.


left leg

The bones in your hand and arm create a (largely) linear pathway, which connects to the body's core at the left shoulder blade (scapula) and the collarbone (clavicle). Energy flows through your fingers to the palm of the hand, the wrist, forearm, elbow joint, and the humerus. As you move through your daily life, the frequencies in this pathway filter your experience of receiving through your embodied core resonance.

This is the third and final pathway on the left side of your body. It is highly influenced and impacted by your informing and supporting pathways.

In this session, you will access the energy in the left arm. You'll lay to rest your foundational patterns around receiving and integrate energetic patterns and spaciousness in your foundation that align with your unique wisdom.


left arm

Seven bones come together at the front of the skull and form the orbital sockets. The funnel that these bones create holds the eyeball and continuously sends out extra-sensory information about how you see the world. On the right side, this funnel casts out your vision for your world and the world.

The highest potential for the bones of the right orbit is to project your truth outward so you can see it and, from there, create it. The potency of the right orbital socket is buoyed by the frequencies you are informed by and the potential and possibility you see.

This session in the right orbital socket clears the energy of limitation, whether cultural, systemic, or internalized, so you can see your fullness and align your foundation with it.


right orbital socket

Physically, the bones of your right leg bones create a (largely) linear pathway, which connects to your body's core at the pelvis. Energy flows from the femur to the knee, lower leg, ankle, hind to mid-foot, and mid-foot to toes. The frequencies in this pathway move you in alignment with your bone-deep wisdom.

The invitation found through your right foot isn't only about moving forward. It's about metaphorically stepping into precisely what is aligned for you. Because of the flow speed, it's meant to be trusted inherently and intuitively. When your specific frequency passes through these bones, it's ready to move you.

The energy you activate is compelling and potent when aligned with your unique sovereign energy signature. This session is a timeline jump. It clears your activating pathway so you can step powerfully into a resonant foundational timeline overflowing from your essence.


right leg

The bones in your hand and arm create a (largely) linear pathway, which connects to the body's core at the right shoulder blade (scapula) and the collarbone (clavicle). Energy flows through your humerus to the elbow joint, forearm, wrist, palm of your hand, and through your fingers. As you live your life, the frequencies in this pathway filter your experience of giving through what you have embodied at your core.

When you allow what is at your core to coherently flow out through this pathway, you consciously choose to give from/of/in worthiness, pride, power, love, and pleasure that you have embodied.

What you give to this world comes from your gifts, blessings, talents, and even wounds - the foundational things uniquely you. But how you give is what this session is all about. You'll integrate the wisdom that only you can flow and clear the pathway so it can move into this world in alignment with your foundation.


right arm

Release what is crumbling, stagnant, or stuck; these are the crumbling and porous foundations your wisdom is cracking open.

During Foundation,
you will:

Unearth the instinctual wildness in your bones and catalyze a new depth of being in your inner and outer world.

Energize and revitalize what informs you, how you receive and are supported, the vision you hold for yourself and the world, and how you give and activate your wisdom.

Surrender to the foundation shifts of your most profound bone wisdom, and learn how to play with and embody frequencies as they integrate.

Learn to clear and recharge your bones so your foundations endure, even as they shift and evolve.

"I know this is probably obvious, but I'm finding this work SO deep, like dredging the bottom of a very deep sea..."



overheard in Foundation:


"I gotta say, I feel SO good in my body today. I have a zip of aliveness that I haven't felt for some time!"



overheard in Foundation:


"Had another amazing session! I was in and out of consciousness but had this zen-like sensation in every single bone. I can't wait for the next phase!"



overheard in Foundation:


"Honestly, if the program finished at this point (after phase 1), it would have been worth the money!"



overheard in Foundation:


"This experience shifted so much for me, and I can see the next part of my path has emerged as a result."



overheard in Foundation:


"Very blown away by the level of healing and foundational shifts already - and I've only done up to the Supporting Pathway!"



overheard in Foundation:


"Today's session was amazing! I was fully embodied in my energy the whole time - my consciousness finally knew how to allow my body to access it, too! All the stuff I didn't know was possible to feel...surrendered, powerful, humble, faithful to the process, and in right relationship with myself. Damn!"



overheard in Foundation:


  • orientation to foundation
  • THE bone REALM
  • unearthing and clearing - the  five core energy work lessons
  • rebuilding and integrating - the six pathway energy work lessons
  • COMPLETING foundation
  • foundation bonuses

  • A MEDITATION FOR creating autonomy in the bones and nervous system
  • three bonuses including: bone-deep self-care and two frequency pathway meditations


THIS HELPS YOU TO RECOGNIZE, EMBODY, AND INTEGRATE THE SHIFTS THAT OCCUR. THE JOURNEY IN THE bone realm is a practice in listening, releasing, and building back from a stronger, aligned foundation. your inner wisdom and embodiment and intuitive nature will guide the way on this journey. 

You also have lifetime access to foundation

your bone REALM GAINS clarity, strength, and coherence WITH EACH SUBSEQUENT JOURNEY!

This is a self-paced energy work program through your Bone Realm.

It is not a course that focuses on doing. It is an opportunity to witness and embody new foundational patterns and inner stability through energy work and integration.

On this journey, you'll receive support through the following:

Five modules, including:

Integration Support

I'm the creatress of Energy Archaeology® - an energy healing modality and personal discovery method that prioritizes whole self integration. I help you navigate your experiences through energetic embodiment.

Through Energy Archaeology and The Realms of Embodiment, you access the energetic wisdom in your body through the six realms - bones, muscles, fluid body, organs, nervous system, and DNA.

I'm a mentor and a guide for integrated embodied wisdom, energetic anatomy and morphology, and living congruently with your soul and humanity. I encourage you to explore the depth and breadth of your human experience through an uncanny gift to find patterns in what's said, unsaid, seen, and unseen. I'll gently guide you through potent inquiry to embody all that is you.

I'm Ashley - your Embodied Realms guide.

hey there!

I believe in a core organicity within the body, which means that when given a chance, the body will naturally organize toward health. With the understanding that "health" looks and feels different for each and every person. There is no one goal or destination.

The fractal arrangement of The Realms of Embodiment demonstrates this organicity. Each Realm, or node, plays an integral part in the health of the whole, but none are more important than any other. None sit at the center. It is the sum of all of the parts and, at the same time, none of them. It is organicity itself.

This arrangement shows us that none of the Realms alone holds the key. They're always speaking to one another and influencing each other in a decentralized manner. Each individual Realm is scanning the evolution of the others and then picking up the piece of work that is theirs to do. At the same time, it is supported and held by the other Realms.

The same thing occurs within each Realm.

Foundation is an energy work program within the Realms of Embodiment.

Within the Realm of Bone + Foundation, each component part - the spine, pelvis, thorax, skull, arms, and legs  - is integral, but none are most important.

The parts can energetically unwind and integrate, knowing that it is held by the Bone Realm as a whole.

As this shift in the Bone Realm is embodied, it will unfurl towards organicity. The other Realms will feel what it is you are unfolding towards.

Embodied desire to work in the Bone Realm feels like:

Inauthentic desire or external pressure feels like:

An upwelling from deep inside of you. It feels more like home than anything else ever has, and unshakeable. It's not logical, there may be nothing you can point to as a reason, but the knowing persists. Your bones are calling.

You feel like there are so many foundational things that don't make sense, in both your life and in the world around you. It's like a split between what you know deep inside and what you see outside.

Your body and soul long for stability that is immaterial. It can't be purchased, consumed, or created outside of you. It is a grounded inner stability that feels both fierce and flexible.

Your body feels drained by constantly holding up things that consciously or unconsciously you wish you could let go. Fear is a big motivator in this, but so is acceptance and fitting in to the world around you. Your foundations are ready to evolve, and they want your wisdom and wildness on board.

Wanting to mine through and excavate every wound, trauma, and hurt in your life to understand it and why "you are this way." Or in order to find a silver lining.

This program will help you find your purpose and release any sense of imposter syndrome, instability, or unworthiness. It will not. This program will take you exactly where your body feels safe to go, and you will witness and unwind what is there. Stable foundational energy won't protect you from uncomfortable feelings or the growth of being human.

If you feel like you need to do this program for other people so you can be stronger, more stable, and give more to them. Sure, that may be something that arises from your foundations as they shift, but you will hate this program and feel selfish while you're in it if you're doing it for someone else.

If there is a big no in your body. Not a little stretch or discomfort, but a NO. Listen to that. This is not for you at this time.

What is Foundation?

Foundation is a self-paced energy work program. You witness, unwind, resolve, and evolve embodied energy and belief systems through it. These patterns keep you from your most profound wisdom and in unstable foundational energies and paradigms.

You will unearth and re-wild foundational energies and beliefs (personal, cultural, systemic, global) and embody your bone-deep wisdom. You will integrate your inner and outer world through the pathways of your arms, legs, and orbital sockets.

the tl;dr

too long, didn't read

You will receive...

Tangible: Lifetime access to the online Foundation course portal.

This includes
  • guidance through the five modules with eleven 30-60 minute-long energy work sessions
  • nervous system support and bonuses
  • integration practices and prompts, and
  • live monthly group integration calls with Ashley.

Foundation is not...

A live group program. However, you are invited to monthly group integration calls with Ashley for integration support.

A course where you will come out with a deliverable. You aren't creating a step-by-step "how to build strong energetic foundations". You are shifting and integrating your foundations in alignment with your embodied wisdom and wild intuitive self.

A certification program. I will not teach you how to do this work with other people. This is a personal program to shift your foundations, flowing from you into everything you do.

A way to bypass being human. It grounds you in your humanity, connection to Earth, and lineage.

Intangible: Space and holding to unwind shaky and ill-fitting foundational beliefs and patterns you've been holding onto.

An opportunity to deeply listen to each part of your Bone Realm through energy work. It will unwind, resolve, and integrate what has been held in your embodied energy and perpetuated in your daily life.

An appreciation for your body not only as physical, but as an energetic conduit and connection to the life you are building and the foundations you are making it on.

The capacity to observe new patterns and discernment as you shift your foundational energies and feel your beliefs, values and ethics align with your wisdom.

Foundation pricing

Foundation is a lifetime access online program with a monthly live group integration call.

All Embodied Realms Programs are $1000 in full or two payment plan options of 5x $200 monthly payments or 10x $100 monthly payments.

You are responsible for making each payment if you enroll via a payment plan. This is not a subscription you can cancel or opt-out of when you choose or if the charges are inconvenient. If a payment bounces more than three times, your access to Foundation will be revoked.

Do you want to talk it out?

If you've read this entire page and are having difficulty discerning if a journey into your Bone Realm is for you, I welcome you to reach out and have a conversation. Feeling shaky or unstable in this decision is normal, because it challenges beliefs and energies that are supporting your current life: no matter if you consciously want that life anymore or not.

I'm happy to help you feel into the wisdom that is beckoning. What you're sensing may be drawing you towards another Realm or even a rest from "working on yourself." Or it may be pointing you towards something in your Bone Realm that is getting your attention in answer to your contemplation.

We will listen to your body and discern what it is truly offering.