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as multi-dimensional
as you are.

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Every level embodiment.

Embodiment is as personal as each and every body on this planet. Your journey into your body is going to be wildly different than anyone else's, because your experiences in your body, and of your body, are unique to you. This lifetime is your ever-evolving and deepening journey to integrating your whole self with love and healing.
The Realms of Embodiment are your guide on this journey.

Every level.  for every body.  every where.


Whether you're newly coming home to yourself, or are an embodiment practitioner, the Realms of Embodiment provide a new framework for being in your body. 


Through experimentation and contemplation, learn your foundational energy, your connection, your flow, your rhythm, and how your purpose flows through you.


Trust in your embodied intuition and ability to discern your next right action. The Realms of Embodiment are a journey of curiosity, self-discovery, healing, and integration.

You are a                      body


You are a                      body


You are a                      body


You are a                      body


You are a                      body


You are an                      body


Join a nine-week LIVE guided energy work program that will revolutionize and rebirth the energy that underpins your inner and outer world.

lay to rest what is crumbling, stagnant, or stuck - what has been held in your bones for far too long. 

unearth the gifts and wisdom underneath and catalyze a new depth of being in your inner and outer world.

energize and revitalize what informs you, how you're supported and receive, the vision you hold for yourself and the world, how you give and activate that energy.

surrender to the foundational shifts of your highest self and timeline, and learn how to play with and embody the energies as they integrate.

learn to clear and recharge your bones so your foundations endure, even as they continue to shift.

Unearth and integrate your bone-deep wisdom

bone + foundation realm

get started now!

Join a six-week self-paced energy work journey that will transform how you move with life!

During this program you will heal, clear, and integrate your:

capacity for connection;

safety and security in how you can give and receive support with energetic and physical resources; and

ability to move consciously in new directions.

Your muscles do so much more than strengthen, lengthen, and hold. They connect you to your life and resources that move you in the directions of your dreams.

Create a deeply connected life

muscle + connection realm

join the live round!


    Welcome to your journey in the Embodied Realms!
    This printable PDF guide (in three colors!) leads you on the journey back to your body through the Realms of Embodiment. This actionable guide holds the practical steps to go from out-of-your-body to buzzing with presence!

    I've even included an 11-minute meditation to soften your integration and help you land in this body you call home.

    Come back to your body
    + soften your integration

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    praise for ashley and energy archaeology:

    more full-body yesses

    “The Realms of Embodiment is a framework, but not a cookie-cutter approach. It's fresh, compassionate, and individualized. It meets you where you are and helps you take the next step again and again.”

    Jessica Peppler, Psychic Medium and Breathwork healer

    “Working with Ashley is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Her ability to track to the root of my bones was something that I have been searching for.  Her visionary abilities and brilliant healing medicine are incredible.  She holds beautiful sacred space and you can feel her compassionate heart and love for your process. ”

    Asha Frost, Rainbow Medicine Woman

    “Ashley has a phenomenal skill of being able to read the history of your human experience and soul along with the intersecting components of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual make up through your bones and energy system. It is truly profound to witness”

    Lauren Aletta, Inner Hue

    “Ashley walks wisely in two worlds, the material and the subtle, and marries the two beautifully.  Not only does she have a solid foundation in science and critical thinking, but a true gift of being able to see and work with energy.  Her view and insight into the interconnected workings of our entire energetic body is remarkable.”

    Jessica Seacrest

    “Working with Ashley has helped me to resolve so many patterns in my body, my psyche and in my life. I am forever changed, for the better. I owe Ashley a world of gratitude all she has done to help me live a life that is true to my spirit and purpose.”

    Michelle Johnston, Working Well By Design

    “Ashley has the most powerfully calm and transformative energy to be in the presence of. Her genuine investment, kindness and love matches her level of integrity and  knowledge and skill. If you are traversing your own healing and alignment and need support integrating and opening then I highly recommend working with her.”

    Lauren Aletta, Inner Hue

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