A framework for
integrating + embodying
your whole Self

energy archaeology® +
the realms of embodiment

Embodiment is a practice in integration.
Bringing together. Unifying. Making whole. 


Integration, in its most simplest definition, is the act of bringing together or incorporating parts into the whole. Within the western world, integration has taken on a charged social context, so if that word doesn't feel inviting, expansive, or a big sigh of relief for you (or is part of the reason you're on a healing journey to begin with) I invite you to try on a couple others:

Bring together. Unify. Make whole.

Energy Archaeology and the Realms of Embodiment reframe what it means and looks like to integrate and live in integrity.

The way you embody and unify the parts of yourself is incredibly personal. Which is why it might be confusing or frustrating that the journey to embodiment is one of integration. Something you'll do in your own way based on:

1. The Realms of Embodiment that you're designed to focus on in this lifetime.

2. The Realm you're currently working in, and the practices that feel good for you.

That can't be it! I need more! How? For how long? How will I know I've integrated? What will it feel like?

All excellent questions, and probably ones that have been left unanswered, because we, as a community, haven't truly understood the parts we're bringing together - we've never comprehensively articulated the parts!

When the goal is to make whole, you need to be able to see each of the nuanced pieces that are coming together. If you don't understand the components, you don't understand the journey to wholeness.

Energy Archaeology, and The Realms of Embodiment are the framework that shows you the whole journey. Spirit + Soul. Mind + Body. Finally, the pieces that you've healed separately can come together, creating the capacity you've desired.

You have space in your body. In your mind, In your spirit. You can hold more of yourself than ever before. Your healing is available to you, and you can live a life of presence and integrity.

Embodiment is a practice in integration.

Bringing together.
Making whole. 

Working with the Realms of Embodiment often feels like moving up and down a ladder. A sensation, pattern, program, or belief makes itself known in the Realm you feel safe to see it or hear it - often one you're already in touch with. From there, the healing and integration moves "up" or "down," as if on a ladder.

When you become aware of something in Realm 4 - Organ, Emotion + Rhythm, it may feel like the sensation or pattern moves up and out through Realms 5 and 6. Or, it will integrate down through Realms 3, 2, and 1.

The Realms of Embodiment also exist as a fractal - a never-ending intricate pattern that is the same across different scales. In this fractal, the "lower Realms" and "upper Realms" communicate and synthesize into one coherent system - which you experience in your human physical body!

The Ladder + The Fractal

realms of embodiment

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Bones + Foundation

Your bones flow and transmit energy at a foundational level based on the energetic resonance of Who You Are.

Healing in this realm is often referred to as shadow work, and you can access energies from your Inner Child, Ancestral Lineage, Past Lives, and core wounds.

The Realm requires excavating, looking at, healing, transmuting, and integrating parts of yourSelf, your past, and your lineage that desire acceptance, love, and wholeness.

As you find wholeness in your foundations, your capacity for embodiment expands.

realm 1


Inner Child

Core Wound

Shadow Work

Past Lives




Your muscles, ligaments, and tendons are a realm of attachment, and open up a threefold opportunity for healing.

Your ability to connect and attach, how you connect and the way you feel about it, and your feelings about the resource you're connecting to.

Resources that you can work with at this realm include money and abundance, relationship and partnerships, and time.

Healing at this realm is liberating deep truths about your feelings, your belief systems, and integrating attachment theory. This Realm is an opportunity to grow in communion with the physical world towards equity and justice.

Muscle + Connection

realm 2


Your fluid body is the realm of endo and exo - as within, so without.

Physically, this flow from the depths to the surface is held within the container of your body. Energetically, the parts of yourSelf that crave and need to flow also crave a container to flow within.

This realm is about seeing the balance, the duality, the polarity, and ultimately the unity of life.

Healing at this realm is doing the deep work of trust. Trust that your energy knows when to flow, which direction, through what, and for what. Trust that the lower connects to the higher, the inner to the outer, and that each is doing exactly what it needs to.

Fluid + Flow

realm 3

Your organs, physically and energetically, are the keepers of, and witnesses to, your own personal rhythm. They know and teach you that the way to a cooperative world is to do your part in your time + trust others to do the same.

The primary energies you work with in this realm are your emotions.

When you can bear witness to, and hold, your own emotions with acceptance and understanding, your body begins to trust the rhythm of its nature.

Feel what's there without judgment, shame, or attachment, and create space for your own perfect timing and rhythm.

Organ, Rhythm + Emotion

realm 4

Your nervous system is a Realm of connection to all parts of your physical self, soul, and Higher Self.

Your ability to be present is largely tied to the physical and energetic regulation of this realm. It is as multi-dimensional as three-dimensional. As ancient as present. It holds your ability to come back to regulation, and alignment with your Soul.

Realm 5 is a realm of paradoxes. It is parts that work together to help us hold and grow through complexity.

This is a Realm of illumination, where you embody and experience the conduits of frequency that weave together your human and Higher self.

Nervous System + Frequency

realm 5

The realm of DNA and quantum is an exploration of the micro and the macro.

When you travel deeply enough into the worlds that vibrate at each cell, unfurl into your genome, and journey to interconnection - you dissolve into particles and light. When you explore those particles, those vibrations, and those fields, you are brought into the vastness and expansiveness of the macrocosm.

One collapses into the other. The realm of DNA + quantum is a field of never-ending endings and beginnings.

Embodying it is an experience of leaping, and at the same time knowing you'll begin again at the foundation.

DNA + Quantum

realm 6

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