When you're ready to dive in or enrich your experience in the Realms of Embodiment, these workshops and energy work sessions are here for you! They'll assist you in deepening your embodiment, your connection to yourself, and your relationship to your inner and outer world.

Workshops and Energy Work in the Realms


Workshops are short, focused, and potent ways to work with me in the realms of embodiment.

The techniques covered in each workshop are what I consider to be foundational to an embodiment practice. They're not necessarily about the tools or practices, but instead, how to know which ones are correct for us at any given time.

In short, these workshops teach you to communicate with and befriend your body so you can understand what you need, and how to give it to yourself or ask for it.

At the heart of each workshop is a technique that will move you closer into relationship with your body, and a better understanding of how to caretake your uniqueness.

What's included:

lifetime access to the workshop replay and materials in the workshop portal 

integration prompts, meditations, and embodiment practices to help you take it beyond the workshop and into your life.

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Creating Congruence Workshop and

Your body speaks to you in a language that's unique. And like your own extremely specific dialect, your sensations, tingles, and twinges hold more information than anyone outside of you can understand.

Learning to speak your body's language can feel daunting.

Your brain is receiving millions of signals at a time from your body, and many fly under your conscious radar. This is exactly how it should be. Can you imagine trying to decipher every single thing that was going on inside of you?!

But the ones that you do notice - the stiff neck, the headache, the upset stomach, or the subtle tingle you get in your hands when you're in the forest - those are where you start!

As soon as you notice something, you've been given an entry point to a conversation with your body.

In this workshop on the Cycle of Communication you'll learn how to keep that embodied conversation going, and deepen your relationship and trust with your body.

learn your body's language →

Body Language Workshop and

What does it feel like when your body and energy are incongruent?

That sensation is something that often comes out of our mouths as frustration, bitterness, or even anger. The feeling that the pieces are all there, but they don't fit right. Or you feel blocked and can't seem to understand why, or what's "in the way." Or it's the feeling of whatever you're doing just isn't working.

This is how energetic incongruence affects our embodiment and lives.

But what is congruence, and how do we create it?

The Realms of Embodiment have a specific language for each of the energetic pieces. Alignment is reserved for the Bone Realm. This is your spine. It is foundational and necessary. But that feeling when you know you're in alignment and *it* still isn't working...that's incongruence, and it's where the other Realms come into focus.

In this workshop and mini-course you'll learn how to work with and between the Realms to befriend resistance and embody what is currently aligned for you at every level.

Energy Work Sessions

These donation-based energy work sessions help you tap into and work with the foundational energies and frequencies that support or uphold the systems, structures, and embodied beliefs and biases that they’re named after.

For example, Capitalism is an economic system, and at a large scale, systems are maintained through the Organ Realm. The structures that keep these systems in place are created in the Muscle Realm. However, beneath that, at a foundational level in the Bone Realm are shared beliefs and energies that are required to build systems and structures like we see in the world. The energies and beliefs that we feel are that of exploitation, extraction, scarcity, and efficiency. These energetic grids together have built and supported the economic system that we know as Capitalism.

These foundational energies are uncomfortable to confront, but by working directly with them, we can increase our efficacy and impact when we address the systemic and structural systems that they uphold.

Each of these pre-recorded energy work sessions will take you as deep as you are ready to go at the moment, and are repeatable as often as you desire. As you loosen the bonds in your bones to these grids, your integration and embodiment of the session will show you what is ready to come up next. You will become more sensitive, more in tune, and more aware of the ways you continue to perpetuate these energies and grids within yourself, your relationships, your business, in the workplace, in where and how you choose to spend time, money, etc.

These sessions are intended to be part of your personal effort to release and heal the energy and frequency they target. They are not intended to be the only work you do, but support a larger goal that moves from within you to the world at large. It is in moving from the personal internal work into an external strategy and effort that we can change the systems and structures from a regulated place.

Within each of these sessions you’ll find a module titled: Integration + Moving Beyond Your Body. Here I have provided some integration and reflection prompts to help support your embodied, emotional, and mental shifts with these energies. There is also a discussion on how to continue this work beyond yourself. I do not make any specific recommendations, as your journey will be incredibly personal to you, but I do give suggestions that you can begin to implement in your own way, finding methods that align with where you are, what your nervous system can sustain, and what will continue to stretch you as you grow with these sessions.

What's included:

donation-based lifetime access to the energy work and associated materials

lessons on:
  • your energy body and your physical body
  • energy work health and safety
  • pre-recorded energy work
  • integration prompts and moving beyond your body

Removing the Patriarchy Energy Work Session

Remove the patriarchy →

In this 52-minute energy work session you tap into the embodied energies that have been keeping control, hierarchy, domination, oppression, meritocracy, and inequity alive in your Realm of Bone + Foundation. It's in your pubic bones, it's in your sacrum, your tailbone, and it refers to innumerable other places in your body, because you're still carrying what your ancestors spent centuries enduring - and what many of us have been persecuted for in numerous lifetimes. You struggle with your power, your voice, your freedom, and divinity, as you strain in one lifetime to release what has been there for many.

In its place, you will connect to energetic grids that support you in moving forward free from what was healed and released, which helps you in sustaining and integrating the energy shift. This session works in the Realms of Bone, Muscle, Organ, and Nervous System.

It's time to call forth your power from this realm and others. You can remove the patriarchy from your bones, release the invisible chains, and its attempt at domestication. It’s time to be your wild, sovereign self.

20% of the gross proceeds from Removing the Patriarchy is donated to Together Rising.

Mothering Your Bones Energy Work Session

mother your bones →

This 44-minute energy work session is a reconnection to the original source frequency of mothering. Of the transition from the youthful, immature, naive, but vibrant energy of the Maiden, into the mature, relational, community-care, and liberatory energy of the Mother archetype.

It is a specific and deep extension of the work offered in Removing the Patriarchy, Uprooting Racism, and Releasing Capitalism. The mother rejects the isolation and hyperindividualism that these systems perpetuate, and nurtures communal and relational foundational energies and ways of being.

This energy work session is a reclamation of the goddess in all of her forms, and the remothering necessary for so many of us.

20% of the gross proceeds from Mothering Your Bones is donated to SisterSong and the Blue Ridge Abortion Fund.

Releasing Capitalism Energy Work Session

release capitalism →

In this 54-minute energy work session you tap into the energies flowing within the Realm of Bone + Foundation that have been sustaining extraction, exploitation, scarcity, colonization, and competition. We disconnect from the grids that are keeping these in place within your body, and invite them to release freely and smoothly.

You then connect to energetic grids that support you in moving forward free from what was healed and released, which sustains the energy shift. This session works in the Realms of Bone, Muscle, Organ, and Nervous System.

This session helps you to recognize what energies and practices you are sustaining and where you're directing them (at yourself, expectations for others, purchasing decisions, hiring practices, land use and energy consumption etc.). It also assists you in understanding what is harmful and can be released, and what is truly generative, visionary, and/or beneficial.

20% of the gross proceeds from Removing the Patriarchy is donated to NDN Collective.

Uprooting Racism Energy Work Session

uproot embodied racism →

This 36-minute session was created specifically for those of us raced as “white” and who benefit from the privilege of light skin. It will help release the ubiquitousness of whiteness, and assist you in reclaiming the complexity of your unique lineage.

This session is not only for white folks, though. It can be helpful for anyone who is unwinding racism within their body, and understanding how they have turned those energies inward towards themselves, or outwards towards others.

In this session we work in the Bone and Nervous System Realms.

This energy work session was created by request from a BIPOC member of this community. It was included as part of a book club for My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem.

100% of the gross proceeds from Uprooting Racism is donated to The Loveland Foundation.

As a white woman, it’s not my place to profit from anti-racism work, and this offer is my way of using my gifts to help us move toward freedom in our bodies, and a more equitable world.

Sovereign Safety and Security
 Energy Work Session

anchor into your sovereignty →

In this 20-minute energy work session, you soothe the parts of you that seek out and crave safety and stability. We are stability-seeking creatures, for the most part, and change makes us uncomfortable. However, as much control as we seek to have in our immediate surroundings, we can't control the larger world.

It's in these times when we feel at a loss for control, and we crave safety and stability, that it's essential to turn inward. When your inner world and internal environment is regulated, you can handle the unpredictability outside of you.

Your bones, specifically the bones in your spine, are stable yet fluid, connected yet individual, supported and also self-supporting. At the base of the spine is your coccyx, which is the seat of your energetic resonance, your unique energetic fingerprint in this world. There are worlds upon worlds to explore within these four tiny bones, and in this energy healing session, you're going to connect your felt sense of safety to the sovereignty in these bones.

In this session you'll be held and healed in how you seek safety outside of yourself, and guided to connect to your own sovereign energy. You'll tap into an endless reservoir of safety through your body to buoy you when the outside world seems unstable.

20% of the gross proceeds from Sovereign Safety and Security is donated to Weaving Earth

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Pre-recorded energy work sessions provided here are for the purposes of personal development and energetic integration. This is considered a form of “energy work,” and is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric advice and treatment but can be a complementary aspect of a well-rounded holistic approach to life.

Any mention to a non-profit or a person does not mean we know each other, that they like or approve of me work, or that we endorse one another. Donations to these organizations are because I generally believe in and support their mission. I am not informed of each and every cause they direct money towards, nor will I try to be. I reserve the right to change the non-profits that these sessions are contributing to without notice.